The Kingfishers‘ dedication to 8 weeks of structured strength and speed training paid off at the SAFRA Singapore Bay Run & Army Half Marathon 2017!

The  SAFRA Singapore Bay Run & Army Half Marathon 2017  was successfully organized for a responsive crowd of more than 40,000 runners on 20 Aug 2017.  This year’s earlier starting time at 4:30am made it even more conducive for runners who did not relish in running too much in the heat of the sun.

Our runners gathered by 3:30am at the Esplanade Amphitheatre for pre-run warm up routine of jogs, drills and some strides, before moving to the start pens at 4:00am.

Although there was an initial delay in the start and also congestion for the first 1km, the Kingfishers and FatBirds eased into the flow by executing our race and pace plans to a tee.  The weather was a tad humid initially, but got more airy and comfortable as the crowd dispersed and spread out.

We kept to our Optimal Pace for the first half of the race, patiently picking off slowing runners after the 6-8km mark.  The relatively flat race route this year was much improved with less sharp twists and turns, and hydration points were better stocked and well positioned.

After the midpoint right about where we exited from ECP, we maintained our Optimal Pace with some of us increasing pace slightly for negative splits.  With the strength and speed developed from all those hills and track training, the Kingfishers found that they could maintain the faster paces with little issues.

The final 3-5km was the best part for many of our Kingfishers as we maintained pace to overtake many more runners for a strong finish at the Padang area for what was a solid performance for our marathoners.

Congratulations to all Kingfishers and FatBirds who outdid their expectations to secure Personal Bests, Season Bests and even Top-10 positions in their age categories.

The following are some of the happy comments from our Kingfisher trainees:

“Feeling grateful at having exceeded my own expectations at today’s AHM. Aiming for an average pace of 6:05-6:10, but managed to achieve 5:53 average pace for a PB of 2:06 (or 2:03 if corrected for the extra 500m course length). Hot and humid, but focused on good form throughout, with a burst over the last 6km. Looks like all the track work and hill repeats worked their magic! Big thank you and thumbs up to Anthony Sum and all the trainers at Team FatBird!! And also to all fellow runners in Group 2 for the motivation and company!”
– Paul Ong

“Done and dusted, Army Half Marathon 2017!Special thanks to Team Fatbird running group, chief Anthony Sum for your training and guidance, constantly checking and correcting our running form during the run, and I had reaped much benefit from those hill and track workout (which I disliked) haha. Of course not forgetting trainers and team members, you guys are source of motivation for me to come for training and see you all at Sunbird operation”
– Jen Soong

“Thanks Chief! My net time is 1:48hr. A PB for me.  Those trainings from FatBird really helped. A 6min improvement since eco run not to mention that AHM is 500m longer.”
– Eddie

“Hit several PB today. Watch shows best timing at 1km, 2.4km, 5km and 10km. Thank you Team Fatbird Anthony Sum for the training”
– Catherine Lam

“Thanks for the training. Finished my 10km for SAFRA”
– Ha Nguyen

“Thank you Anthony and trainers for the guidance during training. Complete the race with no pain.”
– Marc Chong

“Glad to have completed AHM with improvements of a couple of minutes (new PB) although could have been much better if not due to inexperience in starting out too fast for first 16km of the run. Thanks to the structured trainings from TeamFatBird that helped me manage to complete and still get a PB. Looking forward to Ops Sunbird training in September. WooHaa.!!!”
– Christopher


Photo Contributions from FatBirds Rand, Jacqueline


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