With a week to race day (AHM), we wrapped up the Kingfisher Program with a final session to the track for what would turn out to be a delightful evening of track menu of 800m sets cooked with reduced minutes and floats, thoroughly enjoyed by all who came.

Since we had only 90min to complete our act, we got down to serious business with the FatBird Mile Trial done in their respective groups.  It was evident that the Kingfishers had improved from when they first started with the program, what with them doing the mile at a pace that left room for the execution of the main course (making sure they had reserves plenty for tackling that ;D).

The first segment of the main course was consumed with gusto, moderating  to a more managed target pace by the second set.  With the reduced rest time interval, it seemed that we had barely recovered from ‘gasping for air’ before being called upon for the next set again.  However, with the base and foundation built up over the past few weeks of intensive training, the Kingfishers were able to sustain without dropping off the pace nor feeling too much lactate buildup in the legs.

The final segment had us going for sets without any rest intervals, but instead ‘float’ allowances were provided for partial recovery – this to test our endurance for a sustained hard pace over multiple sets.  This provided the ultimate stimulus and challenge for the night, and as we counted down to the sets and floats, we were pleasantly surprised to see ourselves able to maintain the pace and not ‘dying’ even after we had completed that finale segment.

So, it was all of 10 sets, 8 of which were at SpeedyBird pace, definitely no mean feat for a flock who started with barely being able to do only 4 sets at sustained effort.  As we cooled down and chatted about the night’s workout, many Kingfishers found themselves to have recovered very quickly from the just concluded speed workout.

As we shared some moments reflecting the 6-week Kingfisher journey, many were happy that they had improved so much on their strength, speed and endurance since joining the program.  The Kingfishers are now raring to ‘fly’ the bay this Sep 9, and we wish them all the best and godspeed.  Running The Bay? FatBirds & Kingfishers Will Lead The Way!