The Kingfishers went back to our favourite Western Hills for a progression up the Mt. Faber slopes for an hour of solid workout.


A 2km run up to Mt. Faber set the stage for the evening’s workout, with some activation drills at the Car Park holding area for the 1.6km MF Loops.  The target set for the night was a minimum of 4-6 loops for the respective pace groups, with some bodyweight exercises thrown in for good measure in between loops.


When the hour was up, all Kingfishers were back looking stronger than when they had started, evident that they worked hard (up the hills) and smart (down the slopes) to pace themselves well in terms of intensity and attention to safety.

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With the main menu wrapped up in good form, the reward was a shorter run back to the start point at Labrador Park MRT for a good stretch out to wind down the evening.

Hills Training Photos By FatBird Onin



For the weekend menu, the Kingfishers were taken down to the heart of the City District to join in the CarFreeSundaySG flag-off.


With the host of activities in front of the National Gallery, the Kingfishers were pumped up to do the menu of 4 x 4.3km tempo intervals dished out.


The hot and sunny weather due to the later than usual flagoff provided good conditions for some heat training.  The Kingfishers maintained Marathon Pace well for the first 2 loops of 4.3km before finding the challenge of the final 2 laps more demanding.


Most of the i-Runners who were part of our flagoff group did 1-2 loops before calling it a good workout morning.  The Kingfishers had most of the roads (bar the cyclists) to ourselves for the 3rd and 4th loops, requiring us to maintain the target pace which we mostly did.


The whole training was completed by 9:45am with a stretch down conducted in the cooler comfort of shade on the opposite side of the start point.  The sun was beating down merciless by then, and any lesser runner would have wilted in the searing heat.

The Kingfishers topped the tempo intervals and heat conditioning workout!

CFS Tempo Intervals Photos By FatBird Onin