Team FatBird: SME Health+

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

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What is SME Health+?

SME Health+ is a HPB health initiative with the key objective of supporting Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) in their health promotion journey.

Under this scheme, HPB’s appointed Project Managers (PM) will manage and facilitate health activities to ensure SMEs enjoy hassle-free access to cost-effective and impactful health programmes for their employees.

What are the programmes covered in the Health+ initiative?

The programmes will cover, but not limited to, the following:

Chronic Disease Management
Physical Activity
Mental Wellbeing

How does the SME get co-funding in the Health+ Programme?

In this scheme, HPB-approved programmes packages will be co-funded at 70% up to a cap.

The cap ranges from $135 to $350 per 1-hour session of activity, depending on the type of activities and the attendance.

Where attendance fall below 15pax per 1-hour session, co-fund will be at 70% of per pax cost up to a cap of $8.60 to $23.30.

SMEs will only have to pay the amount that is not co-funded by HPB.

How can my company be eligible for the Scheme?

Eligibility criteria and guidelines

To be eligible for this scheme, your company must have either an annual sales turnover of not more than S$100 million or an employment of not more than 200 employees. Your company must also have a Unique Entity Number (UEN).

What are the types of Physical Activities that Team FatBird offer?

Team FatBird provide trainers for Mass Run/Walk, Dance Fitness (Zumba, KPopX Fitness, BollyDazz, Kickboxing, Piloxing, Hip Hop, Cardio Dance, Yoga) and High Intensive Interval (HIT) and Circuit Training.


What kind of training will we undergo?

The Physical Activity component incorporates running, brisk-walking, aerobics and high intensive workouts and dance fitness classes to bring about effective and safe fitness development in a fun and motivating fashion.  You can look forward to every workout session with enthusiasm!


What are the types of Nutrition classes that Team FatBird offer?

Team FatBird provide qualified Nutritionists to conduct Nutrition Talks on a range of topics and Healthy Cooking and Eating Workshops.

When are the classes conducted in a week?

Upon getting approval for your company’s application, we will work with you to schedule the workout sessions to be in the morning, lunch or evening periods.

Classes will be conducted indoors and outdoors depending on the workshops and workouts selected.

When and where will the classes be conducted?

Upon acceptance into the Health+ Scheme and confirmation of your company’s selected programmes, our team will work with you to determine the session timings and workout venues/routes, including start/end from your venue of choice.

Is there baggage deposit area at the meeting point?

Baggage are consolidated at a common area, along with safety equipment, under the watchful eyes of the trainer and participants.

For runs/walks where participants need to leave a central area, baggage watch arrangements will need to be catered for, with additional costs.

Team FatBird will not be responsible for any loss or damaged items

Are drinks / towels / mats provided?

There are no drinks/refreshments provided.

Please bring your hydration bottles and a towel for every workout session.

You may bring along your own workout mat but it is not a mandatory item.

Will the workout sessions be cancelled due to bad weather?

FatBird workout sessions are rarely cancelled.

Workout Continues With Rain
In cases of rain, workouts will be conducted in an alternate location nearby with shelter.  You will be informed 1 to 2 hours before the workout session is due.

Cancellation Of Workout
In the event of the session needing to be cancelled due to inclement weather and other unforeseen circumstances, alert messages will be posted in the Whatsapp or Facebook groups 1 to 2 hrs prior to the workout session.  Attendance for such workout sessions will be waived, and not counted in the attendance.

What is the breakdown of per session cost?

The Bronze (4-sessions) package works out to $200 per 1-hour session of physical activity.
The Silver (8-sessions) package out to $187.50 per 1-hour session of physical activity.

Please write to for full pricing and packages of our programme offerings.

Are There Any Pricing Discounts?

We have Bronze (4-sessions) and Silver (8-sessions) packages which are heavily discounted from single session pricing.

Please write to for full pricing and packages of our programme offerings.

What is the cost calculation for sessions with less than 15 participants?

Sessions with less than 15 or less participants will be charged based on per pax basis and co-funding will also be on per pax basis for those specific sessions.
Sessions with more than 15 participants will be charged based on per session basis and co-funding will also be on per session basis for those specific sessions.