As a prelude to Ops Kookaburra, Team FatBird’s 12-week marathon training for Gold Coast Marathon 2018, a 2-hour running clinic was conducted for participants of Ops Kookaburra on Saturday at The Sports Hub. After a welcome to the participants, a 1-hour clinic on the structured training program and the 3 pillars of Marathon Performance was covered.  Below is a very short summary of the 3 running performance pillars which will form the basis of the Ops Kookaburra structured training program: 1.  VO2Max Enhancement – VO2Max which is the maximum amount of oxygen that can be utilized by the muscles in one minute measures a marathoner’s aerobic fitness.  VO2Max can best be developed using interval training. 2.  Lactate Threshold – a measure of the maximal aerobic pace a marathoner can sustain before crossing into an anaerobic zone, causing fatigue and slowdown.  The aim is to enhance Lactate Threshold such that we can sustain Marathon race pace for long.  The best way to build Lactate Threshold is to do Tempo Runs, 20-40min run at 10k to 10K+30s pace depending on ability of the marathoner. 3.  Running Economy – the most important pillar and where most of us can benefit from, is a measure of the amount of oxygen that our muscles utilize to run at sub-maximal effort (which applies to most of us running HM and FM).  Running economy determines the percentage of VO2Max that we utilize to maintain our target race pace. A runner requiring a lower percentage of VO2Max (better Running Economy) to maintain target pace is superior to someone who requires a higher percentage of VO2Max to run at the same target pace.  Running Economy is best developed by progressive long runs with sufficient mix of workouts and long runs weekly to establish an optimal weekly mileage for optimal marathon performance.    The next hour was a practice at the 100Plus Promenade doing sets of UpTempo (Steady-State) Intervals to give the participants a sense of calibrating their respective effort and pacing.  A series of running drills were conducted to activate the participants’ major running muscle groups before the Tempo Interval workout. A feedback was conducted after 2 workout sets of UpTempo Intervals and UpTempo Run to provide participants our observation of their ability to maintain target pace and the ability to refrain from running too fast to early.  This area of pacing and managing effort at pacing will need to be built and developed when Ops Kookaburra Training commences on 7 April 2018. The Running Clinic concluded at 6pm with the participants taking away some preparation and mileage build up they need to do before coming for Ops Kookaburra Training in April. For bookings and more information on the Ops Kookaburra Training Program with Run Gold Coast Travel Package CLICK HERE! Contact Scenic Travel for enquiries and bookings of Run Gold Coast packages at Tel:65 6226 3611 or Email: scenic Email to for any clarifications or queries on Kookaburra Training Run For GOLDEN TIMES in 2018! Photos By FatBird Chin