Team FatBird: FatBLAST Boot Camp

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

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What is FatBLAST BootCamp?

Program PowerFLIGHT is a specially-designed 12-week Speed & Strength training program to help runners:

FatBLAST Boot Camp is a weekly program of physical activity and group exercises from Team FatBird to help you lose those excess weight and maintain a lean and fit physique that you have always wanted.

Every session is conducted by qualified fitness trainers comprising on different mix of the following workouts:

1. High Intensive Interval Training (HIIT)
2. Bodyweight & Strengthening Routines
3. Circuit Training
4. Kick boxing and Cardio Dance
5. Speed Work and Suicide Drills

What are the fees for FatBLAST BootCamp?

The FatBLAST BootCamp Program offers high value workout packages at affordable costs to give you very attractive figures and ROI:

  • 12-Sessions Package $120.00 SGD
  • 8-Sessions Package $100.00 SGD
  • 4-Sessions Package $70.00 SGD
  • Single Session $20.00 SGD
Where is the meeting point and workout held?

The Friday evening FatBLAST workouts are at:

The Breeze Shelter
The Promontory @ Marina Bay


Can I tap on FatBird's FatBLAST Bootcamp to help me meet my Lose To Win Goals?

FatBLAST BootCamp is an excellent physical workout to help you with your Lose To Win objectives.

The program provides the physical workouts that may not be present in your other Weight Loss regimes, and complements other Weight Loss Programs for that enhanced ‘burn’ efficacy.


What kind of training will we undergo?

The FatBLAST BootCamp incorporates high intensive workout and dance components to bring about effective and safe fat loss in a fun and motivating fashion.  You can look forward to every workout session with enthusiasm!


When are the workout sessions conducted in a week?

FatBLAST workout sessions are on Fridays (7:30pm-8:30pm).

Workouts will be conducted outdoors within walking distance to MRT stations.

Where can the participants get detailed information and tips on training schedules and access to the coach/trainers?

All fee-paying participants will be added to a private Facebook group set up to inform, update and share all training information and advisory.

I have submitted my registration, but have yet to receive any reply. Am I accepted into the program?

Successful applicants will receive an email confirming their training slot and payment details. Payment for training contributions have to be made within a week (7 days) of acceptance, otherwise the slot may be forfeited.

Payments made are not refundable once the training has begun.

I am unable to commit to the entire FatBLAST Program. Can I just participate in some of the workout sessions?

The Program offers flexible packages based on number of workout sessions attended.  There is a drop-in fee of $20/session if you wish to just come for 1 or 2 sessions to trial.

Sign up for the number of sessions you can attend along with the advised payment.  Write in to with your selected dates, and we will send you the training details.

Is it compulsory for me to attend all workout sessions? What if I cannot attend some of them?

The workout sessions’ fee will be deducted as you attend the sessions, allowing you some flexibility to use up the packages.

You are allowed 1 session replacement in each month to replace sessions where you are unable to attend within that month.

When and where are the weekday/weekend runs held? What time do the runs start?

The workouts are mainly conducted at the Marina @ Promontory area for Friday evening sessions.

There may be new workout sessions on other days and locations when demand arise.


Is there baggage deposit area at the meeting point?

There is baggage deposit area at the meeting point for participants to consolidate their belongings, however please refrain from storing valuables.

Team FatBird will not be responsible for any loss or damaged items

Are drinks / towels / mats provided?

There are no drinks/refreshments provided.

Please bring your hydration bottles and a towel for every workout session.

You may bring along your own workout mat but it is not a mandatory item.

Will the workout sessions be cancelled due to bad weather?

FatBird workout sessions are rarely cancelled.

Workout Continues With Rain
In cases of rain, workouts will be conducted in an alternate location nearby with shelter.  You will be informed 1 to 2 hours before the workout session is due.

Cancellation Of Workout
In the event of the session needing to be cancelled due to inclement weather and other unforeseen circumstances, alert messages will be posted in the Whatsapp or Facebook groups 1 to 2 hrs prior to the workout session.  Attendance for such workout sessions will be waived, and not counted in the attendance.