With 2 weeks of power base building, PowerFLIGHT runners up the ante with a whole series of hills training workouts in Week #3.

PowerFLIGHT Wed Strength & Speed menu saw the trainees worked around the Mt. Faber Hills area with a 3km of rolling hills run, 1.6km hills repeats, followed by a range of hills sprints on moderately fatigued legs.

The menu was lapped up with enthusiasm from the trainees who gave their best.  Their running form have been showing good improvement and is helping the PowerFLIGHTers tackle their increasingly challenging workouts better.

The Weekend Steady Hills Run of 16-19km started with a light drizzle which fizzled out to bright sunshine by 8am.  The Labrador Park Hills Repeats was the highlight of the morning’s workout.  It pushed the PowerFLIGHTers to focus more on maintaining their form aerobic zones both up and down the hills slopes, with a 1.6km piece in between for recovery and sustaining good form.

The Hills Repeats workout was well executed by all who showed a certain determination and sense of purpose while tackling the challenge.

All were duly rewarded with a short session of Strides with guidance provided on their running form.  The 3.5km run back to Clubhouse provided the final drain-off any reserves left in the tank.  Still, all were strong to maintain their form all the way up Henderson Road.

While The PowerFLIGHT training was in progress, our FatBird marathoners recorded a wave of outstanding Marathon and Half Marathon timings with solid Personal Bests at the Hong Kong Marathon.  All their months of training and good work ethics with Team FatBird’s programs and runs have paid huge dividends, especially with tackling the hilly segments of the race.

We would like to give all of them a Congratulatory shout out and share in their joys of returning their bests!


The PowerFLIGHTers Conquered The Thrilling Hills!

Program PowerFLIGHT Speed & Strength Training System

Team FatBird’s Program PowerFLIGHT Speed & Strength training will commence operations in January 2018. Runners and marathoners looking to up the ante on their speed and strength with enhanced performance are encouraged to sign up for PowerFLIGHT to benefit from structured group hills, track, intervals, high tempo training led by qualified and experienced Team FatBird marathon trainers.


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