To gain traction into speedwork, PowerFLIGHT training entered into Week #2 with attack of the track on Friday and long tempo intervals in the weekend.

The speedwork comprising of a mile run trial and a series of 800m intervals were conducted in cool, dry weather on a Friday evening at Serangoon Stadium track.  The whole day of rain stopped in time for the PowerFLIGHTers to gain some VO2Max development with the proper execution of the 800m workout with different calculated rest intervals for the respective groups.

Running form guidance and practice was provided in between sets with emphasis on upper body form.  The running videos provided insights into every participant’s form and gait which will be useful in honing better form for speed enhancement in the coming training weeks.

The weekend long run comprising of long tempo intervals was conducted from the Sports Hub in rather wet conditions, albeit no heavy ‘water’ fall which could have dampened the PowerFLIGHT’s trainees commitment and resolve to get in another fruitful training workout.

Led by the reliable and experienced FatBird trainers, the participants’ were taken through 5km tempo runs with sufficiently planned rest intervals to hone that speed endurance in.  The flattish route repetitions included a mini ‘hill climb’ for good measure.

This well planned workout provided just the right kind of training effect for getting the trainee’s strength and speed endurance into the right condition for further enhancements in the later part of the training program.

Week #2 of PowerFLIGHT 2018 which focused on speed endurance foundation went smoothly in spite of the rainy and wet conditions in the current Monsoon Surge happening in Singapore.  The PowerFLIGHTers were determined to get their running workouts in, and were rewarded with a solid week of training.

They will now look forward to better weather, which will allow more progressively harder workouts to help them build their race readiness for important marathons in February and March.

The PowerFLIGHTers Relished In The Speed & Tempo!

Program PowerFLIGHT Speed & Strength Training System

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