FatBirds kicked off the New Year 2018 with Power in the first week of PowerFLIGHT training, a 12-week strength and speed structured program to build the 3 important pillars of running – VO2Max, Lactate Threshold and Running Economy.

The majority of the PowerFLIGHTers were returning FatBird trainees looking to notch up their running base and foundation, with a few new ones who are joining us for the first time looking to get some structured training for a boost to their racing times.  Many of the participant’s are training specifically for upcoming Half Marathons (HM) like 2XU Run, Income Run and Full Marathons (FM) like (Tokyo Marathon, Seoul Marathon, Boston Marathon).

The PowerFLIGHT trainees started off with a solid Hills Repeat workout on Wednesday evening.  The 2 hour session comprising of a warm-up run up to Mt. Faber, followed by activation drills before traversing the 4 x 1.6km MF loops at 80-85% effort.  The running form emphasis was on properly using the arms to run up and down the hills.

The workout which served to build their strength and lactate threshold via long hills tempo and repeats went very well, with static stretching conducted by PowerFLIGHT trainers to close the evening’s session.

Sunday morning’s program was a Steady-State Run of 13km or 90min at the flattish East Coast Park.  There were more trainees who joined this session, esp. those preparing for specific HM and FM races in the first quarter of the year.

After the warm-up jog and some activation drills, the PowerFLIGHTers were set off to run the first half of the distance at Marathon Pace (MP) before amping up the pace to MP-10s on the return leg.  The task was to execute the workout in FlightZONE 2 with a faster-pace second half after some fatigue.  This workout will be good towards building up the participants’ running economy.

The PowerFLIGHTers completed the 90min run with negative splits over a range of distances from 13km-18km.  They were given a brief on running form, and practiced a couple of 50m strides just to get the idea of correct arm swing providing good leverage to increase stride length and consequently running speed.

Overall, Week #1 of PowerFLIGHT 2018 went very well, with the blessing of cool weather and dry conditions.  The trainees were all pumped up after a good December break, and gave their best during the training sessions.  This bodes well for the subsequent weeks of foundation building in the trails and hills, along with speed work at the track in alternative weeks.


The FatBirds Powered To A Great Start In 2018!

Program PowerFLIGHT Speed & Strength Training System

Team FatBird’s Program PowerFLIGHT Speed & Strength training will commence operations in January 2018. Runners and marathoners looking to up the ante on their speed and strength with enhanced performance are encouraged to sign up for PowerFLIGHT to benefit from structured group hills, track, intervals, high tempo training led by qualified and experienced Team FatBird marathon trainers.


Training Program details and registration HERE!


Team FatBird also has a Corporate Run & Marathon Training Program to prepare employees and running clubs of companies and institutions for local and international running races.  Write to info@teamfatbird.com OR Check Out Program Details Here!