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How often do you organize runs?


We have weekday evening runs from Mondays through Thursdays, with long training runs on the weekends.
Check out the FatBird Runs Schedule HERE!

I am a beginner. Can I join your weekly runs and training?


Our runs and training programs cater to the sedentary folks, beginners, weekend warriors, short distance racers all the way up to Marathon and Ultra-Marathon participants.  We will place trainees in the different groups according to their capabilities such that you will be training with others at your similar abilities.  As you progress and improve, you can move to the more advanced groups if you so chooses.


How do I join Team FatBird for runs?

Thanks for your interest in joining Team FatBird for training and group runs.

We have both entry-level runners and experienced marathoners join us for training, building up progressively from base to Marathon Pace with good success, with many seeing nice weight management results in the process.
What Training & Runs?
We have free-to-join weekday runs on Mondays thru Thursdays (see below) and fee-paying structured marathon training programs (weekend runs) like the Operation Sunbird (Standard Chartered Marathon Singapore) and  Operation Nighthawk (training for Sundown Marathon) and . You will be placed in a pace group suitable for your current capability level and targets.

FatBird Runs (Weekdays)
We conduct weekday evening runs from Mondays through Thursdays which are free to join.
Check out the venues and timings HERE!

How To Join?
1) ‘Like’ the Team FatBird Fan Page HERE
2) Register for runs HERE

Are the runs paid?
You may just show up and register for the free-to-join  weekday runs, which provide baggage drop and post-run drinks.
For weekend runs (marathon training), please write to and let us know the specific dates you wish to drop-in for $23/session.


Are there any baggage drop or drinks provided during runs?


Baggage watch and post-run isotonic drinks are provided in most of our weekday evening runs.
In addition, bananas are provided for our weekend long runs in the marathon training programs.


How do I become a member of Team FatBird?


All runners who have joined Team FatBird for training sessions are automatically signed on as members.  There are no membership fees and FatBirds (as our members are affectionately known) are entitled to special discounts on training programs and equipping sales organized from time to time


I like those FatBird training tees. How can we purchase them?


FatBird training tops are provided in some of the training programs when you have achieved at least 50% attendance at the weekend sessions.  We may allow for sales to program trainees only if we have balance of stocks remaining after distribution to qualified participants.


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