It was the longest night training run for the NightHawks and Falcons, who made their way to the start point at SAFRA Mt. Faber.

The Falcons who were in week #9 were scheduled to complete their longest run of 21km (HM) and 35km (FM) while the NightHawks were into week #3 of basebuilding and conditioning for the night.

We started promptly and headed to Labrador Park for the 6km loops around Keppel Marina and Labrador.  The windy night offered some respite for the runners as we paced one another in our respective groups for the demanding workout session.

The serenity of the night was only broken by the occasional cheers of FatBird groups running past one another and when we run past the Happy Group with their nice music playing through one of the mini speakers.

The pace were manageable for the first half of the training, with the Falcons moving to Optimal Pace in the second part of their run.  A test of their fuel plan was the order of the day as a number of trainees who had too little for dinner found themselves fatiguing after 15km of running.

Still, the motivation of training in pace groups helped them to persist along to complete the requirements of the night run.  

All the participants did well to complete their training by 10:00pm, with ample time to spare for a quick change and catch the transport home for a nice hot bath and stretching out those tired legs.

The NightHawks and Falcons came away with a number of lessons of night running, chiefly in the areas of visibility and perception of distances and paces, fueling and hydration requirements, as well as the relatively humid conditions of the night.

The NightHawks & Falcons Ruled This Night

Photos by FatBird Chin