What Do You Get?

FatBird Personal Coaching provides you with a personalized and effective training solution with fully customized training to meet your running and marathon desired goals.
Your training is adapted and adjusted as you go based on your feedback and progress.
Includes unlimited communication and weekly face-face sessions with your coach as needed.


The FatBird Personal Coaching Program integrates the following core components:

  • 12-24 week customized training, pacing and racing plan
  • Supervised weekly training workouts with FatBird Coach – 1-2 times weekly
  • Face time with FatBird Coach – 5 times a month
  • Email & Whatsapp communications with FatBird Coach (24/7)
  • FB Messenger with FatBird Coach – once a month (for remote clients)
  • Video Gait Analysis
  • Running Form Analysis & Adjustments
  • Nutrition/Meal Planning & Racing Weight Management


How Does FatBird Personal Coaching Help You?

1. Set a goal. Train for your target race and add multiple non-goal races
2. Tell us about yourself through FatBird Coaching Questionnaire.
3. Plug in recent race times and your current mileage to calculate your training paces
4. Setup your schedule*. Identify when you’d like to work out, rest, and cross train.
5.  Your Personalized Training Plan delivered within 1 week of your program start
6. Use STRAVA (private) to track your progress.
7. See your Training Plan adjust as you progress. If you miss a workout, or two, recalculate your plan to stay on track.
8. Reach out for help. Our IAAF-certified and Running Revolution certified coaches can answer your questions on training, nutrition, or injuries.

*Face-face coaching (1 weekday/1 weekend) will be scheduled with your FatBird Coach.


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