FATBIRD SPORTS (Team FatBird) was founded in July 2008 and formally incorporated as a sports and fitness company in 2014.  The team was started as a congregation of highly passionate runners who are experienced in distance running, organizing an leading group training, running and pacing events.

Since 2013, the team has expanded into providing running, sports and fitness management services to various organizations and institutions.  Some of the important projects and clients we have had the honor to serve include:

Health Promotion Board – We have organized the iRun (since 2008), Lose To Win (Weight Management) Program, Fitness & Sports Interest Groups, Physical Activity Programs for Seniors.  We have also participated actively in HPB’s Workplace Health Promotion (WHP) initiatives

Structured Marathon Training Programs for Sundown Marathon, Standard Chartered Marathon, 2XU Marathon, Gold Coast Marathon, Japan and Korean Marathons

Marathon Pacing projects for Sundown Marathon, Standard Chartered Marathon, Adidas KOTR, GE Women Run, Straits Times Run

Conduct of Running Clinics/Workshops for Corporates (VISA, NTUC) and International Marathon bodies (Queensland, New South Wales, Japan and Korea Tourist Organizations)

Organization of Group Running Programs for NTUC, Nike, Brooks, New Balance



Company Trainers

Team FatBird has access to certified sports professionals, coaches and trainers who can offer a broad spectrum of sports and exercise services from program planning/development through to conduct of comprehensive training programs, clinics and workshops.  We offer sports consultancy and marketing to drive results especially in the key areas of building and growing sports and exercise communities.

Team FatBird draws from a pool of Pacers and Running Guides who are experienced marathoners and runners who love to share their passion and knowledge of running with members of the running and sporting community.

We have a team of certified running coaches who can provide specialized and personalized coaching programs and services for optimum results for the beginner runners to the experienced marathoners looking to do Personal Bests (PB) and Boston Qualifiers (BQ).

Our pool of certified and well qualified fitness consultants and personal trainers can deliver fitness bootcamp and High Intensive Interval Training (HIIT) personal and group training for effective fat blasting weight loss results.

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