Operation Sunbird 2014 got off to a roaring start in nice weather at the Playground @ Big Splash, ECP last Sunday morning.  In spite of the multiple weekend races where a number of Sunbird trainees were participating in, the turnout was still respectable and it was great to see many first-timers as well as returning satisfied trainees for Team FatBird‘s structured training.

After the registration and tee-shirt sizing (for the training tops and finisher singlets) were done, a short welcome address and overview of the training program were given to give all trainees a sense of what was to come for their 12-week training journey with Team FatBird 

A sense of excitement and slight apprehension were in the air as the participants were placed into their respective training groups according to target timings and base abilities.  They will be exposed to Team FatBird’s FlightZONES and PowerFLIGHT training systems as we help them progressively train up for their HM and FM distances in order to complete the races comfortably and with good timings.

After the customary training group shots, the respective training groups of 1-4 were flagged off for 13km (HM) and 21km (FM) and BaseBuild heart-rate zone(2).  Led the their trainers and pacers, the eager-eyed trainees were lapping up the km with smiles on their faces, quietly confident that they have made the correct choice of committing to waking up early for the next 12 weekends to accomplish the important and meaningful marathon goals they have set for themselves.

The first 7km was rather cool and cloudy, making it easy for all to get into the rhythm.  The more experienced runners had with them sufficient hydration and even gels/electrolyte to fuel their run.  

The HM runners turned back at F2 carpark to proceed back to the Playground in high spirits, while the FM runners carried on with their set paces towards the Sailing Centre where they were given a 1-2min technical water break.  From there, most continued on to the NSRCC for the 21km U-turn mark.  

By then, there was a fair bit of sunshine and heat, causing fatigue to set in sooner than relished.  We threw in one more water break for the FM runners, before pushing back all the way to the start point at Playground.  

Many of the Sunbirds were able to keep pace with their respective groups, and for the newer ones who were tiring after their conditioned distances were maxed, the patient and reliable Pacers brought them back with additional walk-breaks in addition to a down-shifted pace.

The iced-cold isotonic drinks at the end of the run was lapped up by the thirsty and tired runners.  Still with beads of perspiration and slightly sun-burnt colors on their faces, all Sunbirds gathered in the cool comfort of the shady grass patch for a debrief as well as additional training information for the next session.

The training objective for the first session was amply met to the trainers’ expectations, and our initial assessment was that we have a pretty strong group of trainees this year.  We are hopeful and quietly confident that all of the Sunbirds will do well at SCMS in 12 weeks’ time. 

There are still limited training slots available for this training program, and for those who wish to hop on to this flight, you may check out the website www.OpsSunbird.com for schedules, FAQs and REGISTER HERE!

Flight OSB14 Has Lifted off To Expectations!

Facebook Photos by FatBird RonnieMK.