Photo Contributions: Marcus LimAC Leong (Album 1, Album 2), Tan Kim Lai

To commemorate the 2XU PWX Grand Launch, Team FatBird was tasked to organize a lead up run to put in some preparations for those who have signed up or intending to sign up for the 2XU Compression Run in April.     Special offers of the latest range of 2XU Compression wear were thrown in for good measure.

With the many runners attending overseas marathons (HK, BKK, TNF Thailand) and local races (Zoo Safari, TriFam event),  we still had about 70 runners show up at Velocity @ Novena for a nice Sunday run into MacRitchie Reservoir (MR) along road and trails.  Runners showed up in their 2XU Compression gear to test them out, and some even came with the newly launched Brooks PureProject line for some minimalist shoe trials.

It was nice to see many familiar FatBird faces, and yet was interesting to meet up with runners new to the team and our format of lead up runs.  The Key Power (KPI) staff was there by 8:15am to give full support to the lead up run, making it possible for us to store our baggage, have a good briefing, some great group photos and a nice dynamic warm-up before heading towards MR.  We had 7 dedicated FatBird Running Guides for this run to manage the tricky road crossings and parts of the MR trails which were new to many.

We had a rather smooth 2km to MR, stopped for a break and photo shot at the Amenities Centre, before proceeding onto Lornie Trails.  Many of us have not been to this part for some time, as most FatBird training sessions in MR run along the more challenging Northern Trails.  It was cool and refreshing along the trails as our large group kept to one side to allow access on the other by oncoming runners.  By the time we hit the U-Turn near Lornie Road, most of the runners were already having a good workout from the MR slopes.  A smaller group went by Lornie Road while the main group went back along the trails, all converging back at the Amenities Centre by 10am.

Lots of catching up and questions about the 2XU Compression, Brooks PureProject shoes, Ops NightHawk training and even some bits about our team’s recent interviews in the media kept the whole group occupied and minds off the challenges of the terrain.  It was a happy moment for all at the Amenities Centre as all had covered 10km by then and were just 2km from home base.  The sun was just about coming up as we headed back, the whole journey rather smooth throughout.  The cold 100-Plus served by the KPI staff were just rewards for the 2XU runners, and with some cool-down stretches done, we ended the run by 11am.

That was followed by purchases of 2XU Compression merchandise and signing up of the 2XU Compression Run (the 12km lead up run was just the final encouragement and motivation needed for the fence-sitters to ink their names on the 2XU Run registration forms).  We wish all participating at the 2XU Compression Run a good race in April, and given the good base we saw in many of the runners, they should all be doing just great!