Operation Kookaburra is a specially-designed 12-week FlightZONESTM Marathon training program to prepare runners for the Gold Coast Marathon (GCM).

We have had good success with training hundreds of Singapore marathoners to their Personal Bests (PB) and Boston Qualifiers (BQ) since 2010 when we teamed up with Tourism Events Queensand (TEQ) and Scenic Travel Pte Ltd to offer the Run Gold Coast Travel & Training Package.

Team FatBird FlightZONESTM Structured Marathon Training Program

  • A 12-week Team FatBird FlightZONESTM Marathon Training
  • Program incorporating the GCM training guidelines and tailored to our trainees’ requirements
  • Comprehensive training plan comprising of 2 weekday workouts and one weekend long run weekly.
  • 6 TFB-led weekend long run sessions with Isotonic/Recovery Drinks/refreshments
  • Workout sessions will focus on building strength and endurance for the Half & Full Marathon distances
  • Experienced Runners and Pacers leading and guiding the runs
  • The FlightZONES Training System, incorporating heart-rate measurements and progressive paced running
  • Two levels of training – beginners and experienced runners
  • Regular emails and online postings of the weekly training plan, tips and advisory
  • Recognition – eCertificates Of Completion/Achievement


Training Fees:

Run Gold Coast Package (First 60 signed up)….$FREE
12-week Training Program……………………………..$150
Non-Package GCM18 Participant……………………$120
Past Team FatBird (TFB) Participants……………..$90
Drop-In (Per session), no entitlements…………..$23/session




Training will begin in April 2018.

Click HERE for the Training Dates/Schedules for your planning.
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Please email to training@teamfatbird.com for any clarifications or if you wish to drop-in on a per session basis:
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