Gold Coast Marathon 2016: Longest Training Run

Gold Coast Marathon 2016: Longest Training Run

After a good Sundown Marathon last week, the Kookaburras resumed training with their longest run of their 12-week training program for Gold Coast Airport Marathon (GCAM).


The evening weather at ECP was cool after the afternoon bout of showers, lending to a good run ahead for the enthusiastic trainees who were excited to test out their Optimal Pace over 21km and 35km as a gauge of how they may fare at GCAM in early July.


The respective groups of 4:00h, 4:30h, 4:45h, 5:00h and 5:30h set off with their trainers at 6:30pm towards Fort Road, with the plan to run a 21km larger loop, followed by another 10km-14km smaller loop with the main focus of sustaining their Optimal Race Pace for as long as they would hold without breaking down.


The first 21km was completed strongly by all groups with the pace held well.  Isotonic drinks and bananas provided the fuel to sustain the second loop on slightly tiring legs.  The majority held on to pace well into 25km-28km, while a few started to find the going a little challenging with threats of cramping and the onset of muscle fatigue.


With the encouragement and guidance of the FatBird trainers and pacers, all the Kookaburras completed their training objectives in good form, returning back to the start point by 10:30pm, 4 hours maximum on-feet time.


Although feeling tired, the Kookaburras were satisfied having completed their longest run in good form and meeting Optimal Pace.  With one more 30km next weekend, the Kookaburras are now looking forward to the Tapering Phase to set the stage for a good race at GCAM in what would be excellent weather and conditions to do even much better than what can be achieved in hot and humid Singapore.


The Kookaburras Delivered On Their Longest Run!


Photos By FatBird Chin



NightHawk Finale and Kookaburra Midpoint

NightHawk Finale and Kookaburra Midpoint

The NightHawks gathered for their finale run at Parkland Green ahead of next weekend’ Sundown Marathon whilst the Kookaburras were just getting in their first 30km training run at Optimal Pace.


We had a special guest in the form of Aileen Ho, an avid marathoner with more than 100 marathons to her name and the newly published author of Around The World In My Running Shoes, who offered a glimpse of her content-rich marathon travelogue and a good deal for the FatBird runners present.

M15 M17

The night run started promptly for the Sundown Pacers, NightHawk and Kookaburra marathoners at 7:15pm and soon they were coasting at Optimal Pace along the lengths of ECP.  The night was rather cool and because of the holiday, the crowds of families and holiday makers were out in full force, making the long run quite interesting for all of us.


As it was a final trial for next weekend’s important Sundown Marathon race, all the Sundown Pacers and trainees took extra efforts to test out their sustained Optimal Pace as well as put their final preparations into action – a final rehearsal for the actual night.


The NightHawks completed 13km (HM) and 18km (FM) strongly, with lots of reserves in their tanks, all set for the big race.  They look all set to perform strongly to beat the night for next week’s Sundown Marathon.


The smaller group of Kookaburras in the respective FM groupings of 4:00h, 4:30h, 5:00h and 5:30h went for the full works of 23km-30km to emerge strongly for the night.  With half of the Kookaburra Program completed, the runners will be looking forward to the final half of the program and their longest runs right after Sundown Marathon, in early June.


Training Photos from FatBird Chin

Sundown Marathon Training: All Systems Go

Sundown Marathon Training: All Systems Go

With only 2 weeks to race night, the NightHawks were all charged up for their 15km and 25km Optimal Paced (OP) long run on a Saturday night at Parkland Green.


With the race routes and timings finalized, the long training run this evening incorporated the main portions of ECP, Gardens By The Bay and even with the hill loop at the Marina Barrage for good measure.


Under the guidance of the NightHawk trainers and Sundown Pacers, the contingent of NightHawks put up their best showing thus far with strength and speed endurance sustained throughout the targeted distances.


The cool weather (after the bout of afternoon showers) make the run so much easier and enjoyable, and before long, we were already past the midway mark and still raring to go.  The NightHawks also took the opportunity to test their hydration and fuel plan to make finer adjustments where required.


The NightHawks proved to be well conditioned for night long runs, especially after they had progressively built up their mileage and paces with more than 5 runs in the night.  By 10pm, most of the trainees were back at the training area, replenishing fluids and carbs with isotonic drinks and bananas.


A briefing was conducted with respect to the importance of good nutrition, hydration and rest during the tapering week to maximize performance on race night.


We ended training early and on a high note, with the NightHawks clutching to their just-issued red training singlets, and planning how they will match with race gear and shoes.


The Sundown Pacers will be at Race Entry Pack Collection (REPC) on May 20-22, and there will be a meet-up on race night for all Sundown Runners as well.  Do visit them and have a chat with your timing group pacers, get your pace bands and possibly get advise on the pace strategy for race night.


The NightHawks Are Ready To Fly!


Photos By FatBird Chin

i-Run @ Launch of CarFreeSundaySG

i-Run @ Launch of CarFreeSundaySG

Every last Sunday of the month, the Civic District will be transformed into a cyclist-friendly, walkable and activity-filled public space with something for everyone at Car-Free Sunday SG on 28 February 2016.

With cars off the roads, the streets will come alive for families, joggers and cyclists who can look forward to activities ranging from mass aerobics, kid-friendly sports to a breakfast picnic.

Full Details HERE 
Come join Team FatBird for the launch of i-Run @ CarFreeSundaySG on 28 Feb 2016.
Date: 6:45am at at every Last Sunday Of The Month
Venue: Entrance of National Gallery Singapore (St Andrew’s Road / Connaught Drive)
Nearest MRT: City Hall / Raffles Place MRT
Distances: 3Km, 5Km or 7Km
Baggage Drop & 100Plus drinks provided FOC post-run.

Join the Team FatBird Facebook Page and i-Run Facebook Group for information updates of i-Run locations, schedules and photos.

Sundown Marathon Pacers & Falcon Runners

Sundown Marathon Pacers & Falcon Runners

The Falcons and Sundown Marathon Pacers did a combined trials and training long run at the forested roads of MacRitchie and Peirce Reservoir Parks this Sunday.  

It was week #5 of marathon training for the Falcons, who were scheduled to do 16km (HM) and 28km (FM) with a transition built-in to move from Basebuild Pace (BP) to Marathon Pace (MP) midway to have the effects of a negative split.

We were blessed with very cool temperatures after a whole day of rain the previous day, even with the sun breaking in on our heads and shoulders.  After a short focus tip on running form, the respective groups discussed with their team members before setting off to meet the morning’s training objectives.

The slower start for the first half of the run helped us warm up well for the challenges of the rolling hills inside Upper Peirce Reservoir (UPR).  The HM and FM groups looked very strong even when cresting the uphill slopes, with well managed paces and good running form.

The HM groups enjoyed their workout inside UPR, which they rarely get to do since they always turn back earlier with the forested Northen Route option.  This morning’s run out along Upper Thomson Road allowed the extension into UPR for the rolling hills run to strengthen them physically and mentally.

The FM groups had to do a total of 3 loops of the 5km rolling slopes, with about 18 slopes to complete inside UPR before coming back out along OUTR to return to MR along Upper Thomson Road.  

After the initial segment of flattish road where many tended to run a little faster than assigned, all Sundown Pacers managed their targeted paces well once they settled inside UPR and all groups did consistent target pacing as unified teams.

The Falcon trainees were running strong after 4 weeks of base-building, and all looked very comfortable even when tackling the UPR rolling slopes.

All runners and Pacers returned by 10:45am looking very strong, and with reserves in their tanks – evident of a well managed effort for their scheduled paces and distances.  

With the second selection trials completed, we are pleased to have a very strong balance of Sundown Marathon Pacers confirmed in all of the Pace groupings of HM (2:00h, 2:15h, 2:30h) and FM (4:00h, 4:30h, 5:00h, 5:30h, 6:00h).  This batch of Sundown Pacers are looking very strong and committed, and will be priming themselves for their first Pacer task on 5 March – 1st Sundown Lead Up Training Run.
The Falcons are on track for their journey towards 2XU Compression Run and the Japanese and Korean Marathons at end February and March.  Those Paris and Boston bound will have a few more weeks of good conditioning before tacking their major races in April.

The Sundown Marathon Pacers Team Is On A Roll!
The Falcons Are On Track!

Training Photos By FatBird Trainers CK Chin and Onin