Gold Coast Marathon 2019 – Running Clinic

Gold Coast Marathon 2019 – Running Clinic

As a prelude to Operation Kookaburra, Team FatBird’s 12-week proven marathon preparation program for Gold Coast Marathon 2019 (GCM19), a Running Clinic was organized by the Travel and Training Partner to GCM19.

The Running Clinic aimed to provide insights and share experiences with the running community on how to race and experience #GoodTimes at this must-do marathon on every running enthusiasts’ racing calendar.

Participants turned up early at the OCBC Arena on Saturday evening to be welcomed by the team from Team FatBird and Scenic Travel.

A briefing on the key features of Gold Coast Marathon, the special travel package and the structure of the Kookaburra Marathon Training Program were provided to the eager runners.  Ops Kookaburra comprise of a proven structured training plan with focus on the key components of Marathon Performance – VO2Max, Lactate Threshold and Running Economy marathon racing.

Ops Kookaburra will provide the complete guidance and advisory on how to race your best cool-weather marathon.  The team will be led by experienced FatBird Trainers who have scored successfully at past Gold Coast Marathons.  There will also be 6 group long runs to prepare GCM19 participants for the speed and strength endurance required to race to your Personal Bests and Boston Qualifiers.

After the 30min briefing, a warm-up session comprising of muscle looseners and running drills were conducted for the Running Clinic participants.  This was followed by a 90min long Progression run led by GCM19 trainers from Team FatBird to give the participants a flavor of the kind of training to expect.  There were good exchanges between the trainers and participants on what to expect at GCM19 as well as getting to know the the participants’ concerns and aspirations for GCM19.

The cool evening run along Gardens By The Bay and Marina Barrage , which started off easy, was completed in a strong finish after a photo stop at the top of Marina Barrage.  It gave a good sense and expectation on how the GCM19 trainees will be trained to race in even to negative splits when they tackle the GCM19 in July.

A post-run debrief and sharing was conducted to touch on the participants’ running form, potential and how to achieve their race goals.  Queries and travel arrangements were also answered by the experienced Scenic Travel agents to provide a smooth and enjoyable Runcation for the marathoners and their families.

The feedback from the Running Clinic participants was very positive.  Many are already priming themselves for the Ops Kookaburra kickoff session on 20 April.

The Gold Coast Marathon Training Team is looking forward to a fruitful and fun marathon training and racing journey with all GCM19-bound runners.


Run For Good Times @ Gold Coast Marathon!

Unlock Your Personal Bests With Team FatBird!

Operation Kookaburra Marathon Training Program

Runners preparing for the Gold Coast Marathon in 2019 are encouraged to sign up for Kookaburra Marathon Training to benefit from structured group training led by qualified and experienced Team FatBird marathon trainers.

Operation Kookaburra is a specially-designed 12-week FlightZONESTM Marathon training program to prepare runners for the Gold Coast Marathon (GCM).

We have had good success with training hundreds of Singapore marathoners to their Personal Bests (PB) and Boston Qualifiers (BQ) since 2010 when we teamed up with Tourism Events Queensand (TEQ) and Scenic Travel Pte Ltd to offer the Run Gold Coast Travel & Training Package.


Training Program details and registration HERE!


Team FatBird also has a Corporate Run & Marathon Training Program to prepare employees and running clubs of companies and institutions for local and international running races.  Write to OR Check Out Program Details Here!


Great weather at Run @ CarFreeSundaySG

Great weather at Run @ CarFreeSundaySG

After a break of two months, CarFreeSundaySG returned with a new and enhanced run and bike route with additional activities at the heart of the financial city centre at Shenton Way.  The Health Promotion Board Singapore i-Run was also back with runners enjoying the closed roads along with bikers and eScooters and roller bladers in what was cooling weather.


Runners came in all forms and for various reasons.  There were families with children walking and running together.  Some were there to get another 5-10km in as part of their Sunday long run training.  A number went down to work up a sweat and blast some excesses away.

u2 u6

Others were content to jog along and enjoy the closed roads and atmosphere with Dinosaurs on roller blades, bikers dressed in special costumes, and community groups out dancing and prancing with sleek fitness dance moves.


A number of runners who arrived as early as 6:45am were taken through a warm up jog before returning back to the start point by 8:00am to continue with the mass bike and run groups.


There were also sports and games played at the Padang, and high intensive workouts right at the steps of the National Gallery.


The Sunbirds and Corporate runners who were out training for their races also joined in to do a couple of the new 5km loops which took us into parts of the scenic Telok Ayer and Amoy Street stretch.  Because of the cooling weather, many of the runners kept up to their paces and were still smiling when they completed their runs.


There were many walk-ins at the i-Run booth who were just happy to do 3km brisk walk and jog, as well as 5km run around the complete loop.  They were led through a round of dynamic warm-up before being flagged off for a joint start at 8:00am.


Because of the good turnout, the isotonic drinks were gone by 9:30am.  Overall, it was a good turnout in spite of the Newton Run happening in the earlier part of the morning.


We hope to see more runners join us for the next i-Run @ CarFreeSundaySG in 27 Nov.

Till then, Run Happy, Run Safe!

Photos by FatBirds MK, JacQ, Chris

SCMS Training: The Second Half

SCMS Training: The Second Half

The Sunbirds were back to SAFRA Mt. Faber for a third time in the foundation building phase for Standard Chartered Marathon Singapore (SCMS) Training.  For the Corporate trainees, it was their first time to Mt. Faber to experience its famous undulating terrain.


The cooling morning weather set the tone for a good training run @ Marathon Pace (MP).  With a longer distance to cover, the Full Marathon Sunbirds were flagged off first for their 28km worth of Mt. Faber and Labrador Park Hills Runs.


The Half Marathon and 10km trainees were led through a round of dynamic warm up before going for their 16km and 7km hills run at MP.  For the newer trainees who have just recently returned to training, this MF’s challenge was an eye opener as well as set a baseline of where their level of readiness for race day is.


The trainees who have been coming for training, especially in the first 6 weeks of Basebuild conditioning, have seen good progress in their running form and speed endurance.  Losing 2kg to 6kg after only after a few weeks of hard workouts have made running much easier, due to a corresponding improvement in their aerobic bases as well.


The MF repeats were welcomed with gusto by those who relished a hard workout, while those new to this training ground were simply impressed with how they had successfully run up the steep slopes and completed their challenges.  That is the energy one gains from running and training in groups with a common goal.


Partly due to the good weather, and the other reason could be the good condition of the Sunbrds, the Labrador Park Figure-Of-8 Hills Challenge was completed with not much problems and in good time to boot.


Training ended early at 10:30am, allowing for sufficient time for a longer debrief and some tips on running injury avoidance and improving cadence for enhanced marathoning speed.


Next week will be the commencement of Pace Training.  This time it will be on flatter terrain, starting from the City Centre.  Runners who are interested to join us for some drop-in training sessions as we lead into the important phase of Long Run Pace Training can REGISTER HERE!


The SCMS Trainees Are Primed For A Successful Race!


Photo Contributions from FatBirds Rand, Clifford, Chris

Ops Sunbird & Corporate SCMS Trainees Up The Ante

Ops Sunbird & Corporate SCMS Trainees Up The Ante

The pre-dawn showers provided the perfect setting for the longest training run to be executed by the Sunbirds and Corporate teams to date. As the participants ambled in for Week #6 of The Standard Chartered Marathon Singapore (SCMS) training, the weather was cool and crisp.

u8u10A combined briefing was conducted from the grand platform of Parkland Green to the group of highly committed marathon participants. The Full Marathoners were flagged off first for their 30km Basebuild-Marathon Pace transitioning long run, while the Half Marathon and 10km runners were led through a dynamic warm up session by their own crew of trainers and pacers.


The run along ECP towards Gardens By The Bay and then to Sports Hub was enjoyable to say the least. The various Sunbird and Corporate pace groups ran smartly in their respective groupings, moving to the same beat like some well-oiled machinery.

u28 u26

It was a sight to behold as we also crossed paths with many familiar running groups and exchanged greetings with friends and fellow runners.


The change in the route to Sports Hub from our usual left-turn towards Marina Promontory was a refreshing welcome for many of the Sunbirds. It provided the motivation for the Sunbirds to hit the right paces and feeling very strong at least for the first half of their prescribed training distances.


The 10km trainees from the Corporate teams were very happy with their progress of 5km non-stop running, led by the very dependable legs of the experienced FatBird Corporate Marathon trainers. Many stayed behind after the run to exchange tips and get training queries answered by the trainers, extending the close trainer-trainee communications and bonds.

u23 u19

The 21km Sunbirds completed their 16km run by 9:30am and were given a short demonstration of the recovery tools for long distance running – namely the foam roller, trigger ball, massage stick and the mini trigger grid. The advice was to perform myofascial (self) massage after each long run where possible. These ‘tools of the trade) can help release tight muscles and knots formed through excessive usage, speed up recovery process, and maintain a good range of motion for more efficient running.


The FM Sunbirds started returning from 9:30am, after completing their 30km distance at Marathon Pace (MP). Many of them looked like they had spares, while a few had expended fully and gave it their all to maintain training MP. Nothing like iced-cold isotonic Gatorade mix and a banana to bring the smiles to their faces after a satisfying long run.


A number of Sunbirds did well enough to surpass their own expectations, highly increasing their confidence levels in their upcoming marathon races at New York, OSAKA and Singapore Marathons.


With half of the training program wrapped up, the Sunbirds have developed a good foundation to bring into the second half of the program, which will focus on honing their speed and pace for a good race timing. The Corporate teams will be melding into the mainstream Sunbird training by the time they reach the halfway mark of their training program.

Together, we all will progress forward confidently to hone the pace for a Personal Best (PB) timing for as many of our SCMS trainees as possible on Dec 4.

The Sunbirds & Corporate SCMS Trainees Up The Ante!

Photo Contributions from FatBirds Steven (Sunbirds) & Chris (Corporate)

SCMS Corporate Marathon Training Kick Off

SCMS Corporate Marathon Training Kick Off

The Sunbirds were joined by the Corporate SCMS training group which started their first session in their 8-week Standard Chartered Marathon Singapore (SCMS) Training Program.


The threatening weather pre-dawn did nothing to dampen the enthusiasm of the trainees, both new and experienced.  Many were in fact looking forward to tackle the trail slopes which they had missed in an earlier training session at MacRitchie Reservoir (MR).


The Sunbirds who were into their 5th week of training have already built up good enough pace to bring them through the challenging terrain of MR.  This was the final week of base building for them as they advance a notch up next week to longer distances at Marathon Pace (MP) in week 6.


The Sunbirds had their separate briefing and training, while the Corporate SCMS trainees had their welcome and induction into the Corporate SCMS 8-Week Program nearby.  A new team of training crew came in to support the Corporate trainees and help ease them into their respective training groups.


The training took both groups through the MR Northern and Venus trails slopes, and along the challenging portions of Peirce Reservoir.  The group of beginners from the Corporate groups were having a fun time experiencing trail running at MR for the first time,  while the more experienced runners were kept on their toes with the steady BaseBuild pace set by their respective trainers.


Although quite a few trainees of the 10k training group had never run more than 3km at a go, they managed with the help of the dedicated FatBird trainers to complete the challenging 4km distance at this first session.  The Half Marathon groups managed very well with their 12-14km run through the trails and slopes and came back happy they have ran their furthest in a long time.  Confidence levels among the Corporate trainees were definitely boosted with this first training session with Team FatBird.

ush11 ush7 ush6

The small number of Full Marathon Corporate trainees also did well to complete their longest run of 21km at BaseBuild pace, led by experienced FatBird Marathoners.  The Corporate trainees completed their maiden mission by 9:00am.  A stretch down by the Corporate trainers were conducted for the 10k groups.  Separate debriefs were conducted to get feedback, answer training related questions, as well as getting to know one another better for our continuing marathon training journey towards race day.


With the first session being at the challenging terrain of MR, the Corporate SCMS trainees will be glad to know that we will be at ECP next week on very flat terrain.  We hope to see more trainees  return in Week #2, and looking forward to have those who missed the first session join us for next weekend’s Corporate Training.


A quick check with the main Sunbird group showed that they completed their targeted 16km and 26-28km in fine form.  The cool morning weather did help to ease off some of the challenges of the trails and reservoir slopes.  A majority managed to break into their Marathon Pace, which will set the momentum for them to advance to Phase 2 of training in Week #6.


Overall, it was a fruitful and encouraging start for the Corporate SCMS Training Groups and good completion of Phase 1 for the main Sunbird Training Group.  With 7 weeks to go before race day, things are building up nicely for all our SCMS training groups.  We are on track for yet another good performance at SCMS 2016.

Photos By FatBirds Steven, Chris

Kingfishers Taper For AHM

Kingfishers Taper For AHM

After a good 21km time trial last weekend, the Kingfishers moved into Tapering phase in week #6 of Ops Kingfisher Half Marathon training for the Army Half Marathon (AHM).


The bout of thunderstorm on Wednesday didn’t stop the Kingfishers from doing a full set of cardio and core training, led by very able Kingfisher trainers at Serangoon Stadium.


Partner bodyweight exercises coupled with some light running around the track after the rain fizzled out provided the main meal of the night.  The Kingfishers lapped the modified menu up in good spirit.

Track Photos From FatBird Onin



The Pocari partner was down early to support the Kingfishers for their final long run before the AHM race.  This collaboration was a small initiative to show support to our marathoner, Neo JieShi and other Team Singapore athletes competing at the Rio Olympics 2016.


The 18km Optimal Pace run was executed to a tee by the Kingfishers.  The wet weather provided cool comfort to all runners for a smooth run, topped by Pocari drinks and a finisher ‘towel’ as due reward.


Thanks for the good people from Pocari Sweat Singapore for the hydration support.


All systems go for a good outcome on race day!


Speed Endurance Photos From FatBird Rand