Pacers & NightHawks Beat The Sunrise @ Sundown Marathon 2017

It was a challenging but rewarding 12-15 weeks of structured marathon training for the Sundown Marathon Pacers and Operation NightHawk marathon trainees.  On 26 March morning, all of them were at the start-line of the Sundown Marathon to put what they have arduously...

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Operation NightHawk 2017 Finale

It was a good wrap up of Operation NightHawk, 12-week structured marathon training for Sundown Marathon 2017! The NightHawk trainees, trainers and Sundown Marathon Pacers gathered at Marine Cove, ECP decked out in their race night gear, for the finale long run of 13km...

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Sundown Marathon 2017 – Lead Up Run #3

Good weather was presented at the 3rd and final lead up training run for Sundown Marathon 2017.  A good turnout of runners at the Marina Barrage start point, all eager to test out their target pace for race night. The Official Sundown Marathon Pacers, decked in their...

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NightHawks’ Longest Run @ Sundown Marathon Training

In week #10 of Sundown Marathon Training, the NightHawks and Sundown Marathon Pacers went through their longest run of 32km as part of their progression towards race night. The first half of the run was at Marathon Pace (MP) with the cue for moving into Optimal Pace...

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Sundown Marathon Pacers’ Long Run @ Marathon Pace

Because of the heavy downpour the whole afternoon, the Sundown Marathon Lead Up Run was called off by the Sundown Organizer as the rain didn't look like it would stop in time.  The Pacers along with a handful of runners who showed up decided to do our own training run...

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The Longest Night Run

The NightHawks revisited MacRitchie Reservoir for their longest night run of 22km and 33km in Week #8 of the Sundown Marathon Training Program. The weather was cool and slightly windy, great conditions for long distance training.  The route was meant to be challenging...

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NightHawks Topped Distance @ Marathon Pace

This being the 15th day of the Lunar New Year and a weekend full of international races, the NightHawks who showed up for the important Week #7 longest run to date were definitely a committed flock. The weather was dry, windy and cool, just the perfect conditions to...

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Sundown Night Training Run @ Marathon Pace

The NightHawks assembled at the Sports Hub on Saturday evening to kick off Phase 2 of the structured training program for Sundown Marathon 2017. The weather was cool after a bout of heavy afternoon showers, stopping just in time for our team's long run.  The eager...

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NightHawk’s Longest Run In City Centre

Week #5 of Ops NightHawk structured marathon training for Sundown Marathon saw the NightHawks hit their longest training run in the program.  Coupled with an mid-run transition of pace from BaseBuild to Marathon Pace, the runners dug deep and came out strong to hit...

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NightHawk’s Merry Coast-Coast LSD

The cooling morning provided a great start for the NightHawks and Sundown Marathon Pacers in week #4 of their structured training base building. After last weekend's long hills repeats, the runners were happy to be running along the flat Eastern Coast towards Gardens...

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