PowerFLIGHT Hilly Trails

Program PowerFLIGHT  progressed into the second half of its speed and strength training in Week #7 with hills galore. The weekday workout had the trainees traversing the delicate winding hills up to Kent Ridge for 1km hills repetitions.  Much improvements...

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PowerFLIGHT Hills & UpTempo

Program PowerFLIGHT  Week #5 continued with the progression with a set of hills repeats Weekday and a long Steady-State (UpTempo) Run on the Weekend. The GCM trainees who have returned from their triumphant marathon last weekend were on recovery mode with...

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Scoring Good Times @ Gold Coast Marathon 2018

Gold Coast Marathon 2018 Trip & Race Reporting by FatBird Anthony Sum Photo Credits @ Gold Coast Events, Marathon Photos, TEQ, Scenic Travel, ET Tey, Ronnie, Beverly When the Gold Coast Marathon 2018 (GCM18) registrations were announced to be closed a few weeks ahead...

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PowerFLIGHT Steady-State Sentosa

Week #3 of Program PowerFLIGHT  welcomed a few new additions to this speed and strength training program for marathons. The weekday group session saw off a round of hills intervals at the Telok Blangah Hills focusing on Lactate Threshold development. The...

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Power Up Your Marathon Training With PowerFLIGHT

Program PowerFLIGHT, Team FatBird's 12-week strength and speed training system kicked off last week with a weekday hills session and a weekend steady state tempo paced run workout. The enthusiastic participants from returning beneficiaries in the first...

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Sundown Marathon 2018 – Mission Accomplished

After an intensive round of selection trials, 15 weeks of structured intensive pace and night training, coupled with leading 3 Sundown Lead-Up Runs and guiding the NightHawks who were training for Sundown Marathon – The Sundown Marathon 2018 Official Pacer...

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Sundown Marathon Training – Ops FINALE

It's a wrap.  Ops NightHawk 2018 and Sundown Marathon Pacers training came to a good close at the Sports Hub last evening. The final training run was a fitting finale for all NightHawks and Pacers who went through 11 weeks and 14 weeks of structured night...

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Sundown Marathon Training – Heat Conditioning

With the longest run completed last weekend, the NightHawks came into week #10 of training to complete the tapering process with 18km and 28km Optimal Pace Long Run. As conditions would have it, the sun was beating down throughout the whole training run,...

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Sundown Marathon Training – The Longest Run

The NightHawks entered into week 9 of Sundown Marathon training with the longest run from Marine Cove, ECP. Led by the Sundown Marathon Pacers who were into week 12 of Pacer Training, the respective pace groups completed long runs of 22km (HM) and 32-35km (FM) at...

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Sundown Lead Up Run #3 – Longest Night Run

The 3rd and final Sundown Lead Up Run saw a record turnout of Sundown Marathoners looking to clock their longest run at Marathon to Optimal Pace.  The night long run was also important to condition for the challenges of night distance running on race...

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