Ops Kookaburra Kick Off: Training For Good Times

Operation Kookaburra, the 12-week structured training program to prepare marathoners for the Gold Coast Marathon (GCM18) on 1 July kicked off smoothly at the Singapore Sports Hub last Saturday evening. After an early evening bout of showers, the Kookaburra trainees...

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Sundown Marathon 2018 – Lead Up Run #2

The second Sundown Marathon 2018 Lead Up Run saw a capacity crowd of runners turned up at the Marina Barrage for their first night long run training. Led by the ever reliable Sundown Marathon Pacers from Team FatBird, there were the returning participants...

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Sundown Marathon 2018 – Lead Up Run #1

As part of preparations for Sundown Marathon 2018, Sundown Organizers have tasked Team FatBird to organize a series of 3 lead up (training) runs led by the Official Sundown Marathon Pacers to help Sundown Marathoners with training and pacing for a good run...

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Sundown Marathon Training Week #2 – Night Long Run

The NightHawks were at MacRitchie Reservoir for week #2 of Sundown Marathon Training by Team FatBird - this week it was their inaugural night training run at the Mystic Reservoirs route. The Sundown Marathon being a Night Marathon race require that Night...

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Ops NightHawk 2018 Off To A Smooth Start

Operation NightHawk 2018, Team FatBird's 12-week structured night marathon training for Sundown Marathon got off to a smooth start with a night long run at the Sports Hub. There was a good mix of returning trainees as well as new participants joining in...

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Gold Coast Marathon 2018 – Running Clinic

As a prelude to Ops Kookaburra, Team FatBird's 12-week marathon training for Gold Coast Marathon 2018, a 2-hour running clinic was conducted for participants of Ops Kookaburra on Saturday at The Sports Hub. After a welcome to the participants, a 1-hour clinic on the...

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PowerFLIGHT Tempo Intervals @ CarFreeSundaySG

The PowerFLIGHT team joined the CarFreeSundaySG's closed roads along Shenton Way for their weekend workout of Tempo Intervals. With a 5km+ stretch of closed roads from the National Art Gallery all the way along Esplanade Drive, Robinson Road, Maxwell Road,...

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PowerFLIGHT Week #3 – Trusty Thrilling Hills

With 2 weeks of power base building, PowerFLIGHT runners up the ante with a whole series of hills training workouts in Week #3. PowerFLIGHT Wed Strength & Speed menu saw the trainees worked around the Mt. Faber Hills area with a 3km of rolling hills run,...

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PowerFLIGHT Week #2 – Track Attack & Tempo Intervals

To gain traction into speedwork, PowerFLIGHT training entered into Week #2 with attack of the track on Friday and long tempo intervals in the weekend. The speedwork comprising of a mile run trial and a series of 800m intervals were conducted in cool, dry...

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FatBirds Power Start To The New Year

FatBirds kicked off the New Year 2018 with Power in the first week of PowerFLIGHT training, a 12-week strength and speed structured program to build the 3 important pillars of running - VO2Max, Lactate Threshold and Running Economy. The majority of the...

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