Operation Sunbird 2014: Mark Your Calendars!

Operation Sunbird 2014: Mark Your Calendars!

Are you intending to commit to your next big marathon race at the end of the year?

Are you looking for a tried and tested training program which have brought so much success to marathoners, help you meet your targets at Standard Chartered Marathon Singapore (SCMS)?  

Watch for the coming of…

Registration Opens Aug 2
To support your marathon training preparations for the SCMS 2014 and other year end international marathons, Team FatBird is pleased to announce the popular and effective training program of strength and endurance –  Operation Sunbird 2014 , 12-week FlightZONESTM  structured Marathon training program.

Please email to training@teamfatbird.com with 
Subject: OSB2014

Contact No:
to reserve your Training Slot!

Follow Our Pace, Win Your Race!

Here’s a glimpse of past year’s Ops Sunbird journeys. Enjoy!

Sunbird Journey 2013 – Follow Our Pace, Win Your Race!

Sunbird Journey 2012 – Mission Accomplished @ SCMS

About Ops Sunbird 2014
OPERATION SUNBIRD is a Comprehensive Marathon Training system comprising of a structured 12-week Flight-Zones™ Marathon Training Program, packaged with other goodies like Training apparel, special discounts on training and race gear, and more…

Training will begin in September 2014 for successful applicants.
Click HERE Training Dates/Schedules for your planning purposes.

Please email to training@teamfatbird.com for any clarifications or enquiries.

Singapore Bay Run/Army Half Marathon: Better Routes

Singapore Bay Run/Army Half Marathon: Better Routes

The 2014 edition of the SAFRA Bay Run/Army Half Marathon will run through smoother and more enjoyable routes.  
Smoother, safer route for Bay Run/AHM (C) Straits Times, 16 July 2014

With a trial run conducted in June which include experienced runners from Team FatBird and SAFRA Running Clubs to garner feedback, the race organizer looks forward to implement some of the recommendations for a more enjoyable race experience for the 20,000 Half Marathon participants.

Preview of the enhanced Half Marathon route for AHM 2014 (C) SAFRA

Team FatBird is happy to be invited by SAFRA and proud to be able to trial run the planned course and provide our inputs for the improvement of the HM race route.

We look forward to having more runners sign up for this iconic run around the Singapore cityscapes, and for those who need structured preparation and training for the Bay Run/Army Half Marathon, Team FatBird offers Operation Kingfisher speed and strength training program just for this race.

Running The Bay, Let FatBirds Show You The Way!

GCAM 2014: On Golden Race

GCAM 2014: On Golden Race

Jubilant GCAM Full Marathoners from Team Singapore – Photo (c) RunSociety

Operation Kookaburra, Team FatBird Runners together with the 350 Singaporean runners from Singapore had a Golden Race of their lives at the weekend’s Gold Coast Airport Marathon (GCAM), Australia 5-6 July 2014.

The GCAM event organizers displayed what the IAAF Gold Label Certification had to offer in terms of outstanding event organization and management, a world-class field of marathoners, and immaculate race experience for the 27,000+ participants (5.7K, 10K, HM, FM) in the event, toppling the long awaited course record including the Australian All-Comers record in the process.

After months of training and preparation for GCAM 2014, the Singapore contingent of runners including Ops Kookaburra runners who started to arrive to Gold Coast from Friday were ready to set some records of our own.  

The 100+ group with Scenic Tours/Team FatBird Scoot-ed off from Changi International on Thursday evening, and arrived Friday morning with a nice visit to GCAM Race Expo, and having the bulk collection of bibs done by the tour operator.

Many of the Kookaburras have trained hard for their maiden GCAM experience, with a significant number running in a cool-weather marathon for the first time.  All were bright eyed and excited with the new surroundings and welcoming weather at Gold Coast.  The hotel check-in was a breeze, which allowed some time for freshening up before our Welcome ‘Carbo-Loading’ seafood dinner for our team.

It was great catching up and chatting with the runners over a spread of seafood, pasta, assortment of meat, dessert over a glass of wine/juice bout gearing up for the big race on Sunday.  Saturday morning saw a group of about 15 from Singapore do the 10k distance, while the main contingent spent the morning with acclimatizing runs and some adventures of our own.  By early Saturday night, all were already in bed for that great awakening early Sunday from 4:00am (HM) and 5:00am (FM).

Once we reached the race precint, our hospitality tents (marked Tourism Events Queensland – TEQ) were all ready to welcome us into its warmth as the early morning temperature was a crisp 6-8C.  After a short briefing, we did some dynamic warm-up and soon were ushered into the respective pens according to our targeted timings.

The Half Marathon started at 6:00am in nice, cool weather which warmed up as the morning drew on.  The Full Marathoners which started at 7:20am had perfect temperatures with little wind, paving the way for fantastic runs by many of our folks.  With the experienced Pat Caroll Pacers showing the way, our Half and Full Marathoners were able to sustain aggressive timings which many had not thought possible (when compared with lesser conditions) before.

The crowd support was superb, especially when we ran through the suburbs and estates lined along the coast, with lots of cheers, encouragement and even offers of food and drinks to the happy golden runners.  Our Kookaburra Colin Chua did a good 1:24h HM PB, and many other of our Singaporean HMers scoring good PBs and fantastic maiden run timings.

The big story of the morning had to be from the Full Marathoners, many of whom scored massive Personal Bests (30min-1.5h range) and a number of Boston Qualifying times (BQ).  Even our Singapore elite marathoners did extremely good timings and outstanding runs to set the tone for more records to be broken for future GCAMs.

Experienced GCAM marathoners (> 3 runs) like Han Chee, Alan Tan, Wen Long (Team Asics) outdid themselves with PBs, while many of the GCAM first-timers like Ngee Hung, Rahul, Alan Foo, Arnel, Victor, Laura, Kim, Gillian, Annie, Yam, Nicole, Matthias, Cherlynn, Lizzy, Nura, Jacqueline, Cheryl, Dani, Kenneth, just to name a few and many many more broke PBs with many minutes off in their respective sub-4h, sub 5h categories.

There were many happy FatBirds, Kookaburras and Singapore marathoners gathered at the TEQ tent basking in the sun, sharing their victories and highlights of tough patches which were overcome, group celebratory photos, selfies and wefies, with some just letting the euphoria slowly sink in and seep into their inner selves.

There were lots of congratulatory messages and well wishes among Team Singapore, and the sense of achieving and celebrating this together with camaraderie could be felt through the GCAM grounds.  As the morning breezed on, more gathered at the Singapore tent with happy stories of PBs and enjoyable runs.  

The media (RunSociety, Shape Magazine) also took time to speak with the Singapore runners about their wonderful race experiences and outstanding achievements.  The culmination of the race came at 12:30pm with the official GCAM media taking a large group shot of our jubilant GCAM marathoners, proudly donning their finisher tees and biting into their finisher medals.

The celebrations continued into the night with post-race dinners organized by the agent and a few others within  the group.  The endorphine levels stayed high throughout, as all runners were receiving congratulations from friends and family back home, and many interested about doing GCAM 2015 after seeing all the victorious photos with beautiful backdrop of the Gold Coast route and sights.

While the smaller group returned on Monday, the remainder of the marathoners stayed on for a few more days to enjoy the second part of their marathon adventure – all the fun, sights and sounds that Gold Coast is so famous for.

GCAM 2014 has turned out to be one of the best marathon race for many from Team Singapore, enjoying the great climate, the smooth race organization, the wonderful race experience and most importantly, outstanding performances and timings which will stay with us for a long time to come. 

Thanks to all organizers of this highly successful GCAM 2014, Run Gold Coast program & package, and all participants/marathoners who have had to good fortune to enjoy the hospitality and achieving new milestones in their marathon journeys.

Run Kookabura Run Kookaburra, You Have Raced To Gold!

Photo contributions from Kookaburras Nura, Meek, Alan, Dora, Yam, NgeeHung, Annie, Kenneth, Jason, Ratty, TEQ, Scenic Travel, RunSociety.

Favourite Runner Snaps from Official GCAM

Operation Kingfisher 2014: REGISTRATION OPENS!

Operation Kingfisher 2014: REGISTRATION OPENS!

Looking for a speed and strength training program that will help you best your Half Marathon and 10k race timings at the upcoming AHM/Bay Run, ST Run @ Hub races?

Registration Opens!
The Wait Is Over!  Registration for Operation Kingfisher 2014 , 6-week PowerFLIGHTTM Half-Marathon training program to prepare runners for The Singapore Bay Run & Army Half Marathon 2014 OPENS!

This 6-Week structured training (12 group training sessions) Program brings all together – an integration of the best for 10km and 21km training of  speed, track, hills, trails.

Structured Half-Marathon Training System comprising:

• 6-week Team FatBird PowerFLIGHT Marathon Training Program
       a. Heart-Rate & Pace Training sessions
       b. Strength & Speed tune ups
       c. 1 Wednesday speed/strength & 1 weekend run session
       d. Isotonic/Recovery Drinks/refreshments for weekend (long) runs
       e. Information and tips on Managing & Preventing Running Injuries, Running Performance, Sports Nutrition
• A “OPERATION KINGFISHER” FINISHER singlet to trainees who meet attendance criteria
• Equipping Discounts & Special Promotions on partner products.
• eCertificates/Awards of completion/achievement

Training will begin on 20 July 2014 for successful applicants.
Click HERE for Training Dates/Schedules for your planning purposes.
** Training mainly start/end from East Coast Parkway, Serangoon Stadium, SAFRA Mt. Faber & MacRitchie Reservoir Amenities Cenre.

Click HERE for Frequently Asked Questions.

Please email to training@teamfatbird.com for any clarifications or queries.

Running The Bay? Let FatBirds Show You The Way!

Kookaburras ready for Golden Race

Kookaburras ready for Golden Race

With 2 weeks to Gold Coast Airport Marathon (GCAM), the Kookaburras were all excited as they turned up for their final group run.  The turnout was not too great as quite a number of runners were using the weekend of races both locally and overseas to make up for their run.

As we were about to start, dark clouds loomed in the horizon and our trainers made a good call to run in the opposite direction to minimize the likelihood of us running into the rain – and it turned out a good call as we avoided the short bout of rain closer to the C4 and Playground areas.

Most of the runners were putting in their final tests of equipment and pace, and were trying to sustain a faster Enhanced Pace for distances of 18km and 28km.  After the rains, came the high humidity and heat, which seemed to pose additional challenges for the runners.

Our mantra of ‘Train Hard, Race Easy’ would give the Kookaburras confidence of performing  well on race day, after putting in the hard efforts during training.  In spite of the challenges, most of the Kookaburras returned to the Nest by 10:30am, quite exhausted, at the same time satisfied.

This coming weekend will be the final tapering run before we wrap up Operation Kookaburra and make our way to the Gold Coast.  To date, there are more than 340 Singapore runners going down under, and this would surely be fun as we travel, race and meetup as Team Singapore.

Run Kookaburra Run Kookaburra, Gold Our Race Will Be!

Photos from FatBird Meng Kiat