Happy 49th Birthday, Singapore!

All runners, friends and fellow Singaporeans, let us celebrate as One United People in this country where rainbows of a thousand colours brighten up our beautiful skies – Singapore, Our Homeland!

Happy 49th Birthday, Singapore!

Straits Times Run @ Sports Hub: Training Run #1

Straits Times Run @ Sports Hub: Training Run #1

Photo Contributions from FatBird MK, Coach Ghana and ST participant Claire Goh

The Straits Times (ST) Run @ The Hub (STRun) kicked off its first training run in the Lead Up series of 3 to prepare STRun Half Marathoners for the exciting race on Sep 28.  

It was a treat for the participants at Bedok Reservoir Park where we were joined by Singapore’s top woman marathoner, Anne Qi Hui and National Middle & Distance Running coach Ghana Segaran.  

As Official Half Marathon Pacers of the ST Run @ Hub, Team FatBird’s marathon pacers were on site to lead the runners though a challenging route around the scenic Bedok Reservoir Park. As the sun was setiing, and the weather got cooler, Coach Ghana gave a welcome to all participants and introduced the Guest Trainer Anne, as well as Team FatBird Pacers.

Anne followed on with a good round of dynamic warm up and activation exercises with lots of tips and advise on how to prepare the body for flight (run in FatBird’s speak :D). Anne showed a great repertoire of exercises and even rose to the challenge of some highly enthusiastic participants.

With a group photo followed by some cameo shots from the ST photographers, the respective Pace Groupings of 1:50h, 2:00h, 2:15h and 2:30h got off to a rousing start with highly charged participants in tow.  As the participants settled into their paces, tips and advise were shared and exchanged by Coach Ghana and Anne.

The ST Pacers did our part by sharing some of our own training expertise and experiences, while reinforcing what were shared by Ghana and Anne.  The ST lead up runners took away lots of valuable tips and did very well to run sustainable and manageable paces for the whole of 6-8km.

Over 100Plus and bananas, the participants, Pacers and Coach Ghana continued to share running stories and information while watching dusk set in.  The FatBird Pacers were motivated by the enthusiasm of the coaches as well as the runners who were so willing to share and exchange tips and experiences.

This will set the tone for proper training to be adopted by ST Runners when Coach Ghana’s 8-week training program is made available online to prepare more runners for the next lead up runs on Aug 23 (Ponggol Waterway) and Sep 13 (Sports Hub).

Please be sure to join Team FatBird Pacers and Coach Ghana in the remaining 2 FOC training runs, and yes, please sign up for the limited slots if you have yet to do so.

Running Straits Times @ Sports Hub?
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Kingfishers’ Track Attack

Kingfishers’ Track Attack

The Kingfishers went for their first track session of the program with anticipation and a tinge of apprehension.  But all tensions were eased and fury released after an intense 90min of workout flew by.

The evening started off with an appetizer of dynamic running and activation drills, before all groups settled in for their first mile trial for use as a baseline for future track training sessions.

After the mile run which all the Kingfishers (many of whom have not been to the track in years) did respectably well came the highlight of the night’s menu – the 800m interval sets followed by a sprinkle of 400m to get those ‘slowing legs’ into higher gear.  

The play with the rest intervals was fun as well as instructional as to the current fitness levels of the athletes – we must say they have a reasonable good base to work on, even for the Group 3 trainees.

With the track being crowded with runners, and an ongoing football game on the pitch, all the action and fun seemed to be on level ground and the grandstands were getting a little quiet and lonely… 

The Kingfishers were so committed to the training that some were ‘seeing stars’ while there was at least a case of a ‘Merlion’ with a few on the verge of joining in.  While the emphasis is on building up speed on the legs and honing the lactate clearance system with slightly sub-maximal intensities, there will always be the trial and error requirement for the runners to find their optimal pace and stride rate for the respective sets.

The timing of sets, including the rest intervals, were watched closely by the team of dedicated trainers/pacers who made sure there were not much slack and providing the trainees the necessary pacing and encouragement they require to sustain the pretty intense workout.

A good stretch down was conducted by the team trainers to ensure that all Kingfishers learn and practice post-training and race cool down which is so important for recovery and readiness for the next workout.

The timing was just right when we ended at 8:30pm with a debrief and group photos.  From the tired but satisfied and smiling faces worn on the Kingfishers’ faces, it was evident most have enjoyed the track and speed session, knowing that they have put in a good evening’s share of hard work for the positive enhancements of their progress for race day on Aug 31.

The Kingfishers Survived The Track Attack Mission!

Photos by FatBird Meng Kiat

Additional action and photos >>
Kingfishers’ Web: www.OpKingfisher.com
Kingfishers’ fb: https://www.facebook.com/FatBird.Kingfisher

Operation Sunbird 2014: Mark Your Calendars!

Operation Sunbird 2014: Mark Your Calendars!

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Here’s a glimpse of past year’s Ops Sunbird journeys. Enjoy!

Sunbird Journey 2013 – Follow Our Pace, Win Your Race!

Sunbird Journey 2012 – Mission Accomplished @ SCMS

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Singapore Bay Run/Army Half Marathon: Better Routes

Singapore Bay Run/Army Half Marathon: Better Routes

The 2014 edition of the SAFRA Bay Run/Army Half Marathon will run through smoother and more enjoyable routes.  
Smoother, safer route for Bay Run/AHM (C) Straits Times, 16 July 2014

With a trial run conducted in June which include experienced runners from Team FatBird and SAFRA Running Clubs to garner feedback, the race organizer looks forward to implement some of the recommendations for a more enjoyable race experience for the 20,000 Half Marathon participants.

Preview of the enhanced Half Marathon route for AHM 2014 (C) SAFRA

Team FatBird is happy to be invited by SAFRA and proud to be able to trial run the planned course and provide our inputs for the improvement of the HM race route.

We look forward to having more runners sign up for this iconic run around the Singapore cityscapes, and for those who need structured preparation and training for the Bay Run/Army Half Marathon, Team FatBird offers Operation Kingfisher speed and strength training program just for this race.

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