NightHawks’ First Night Training Run

NightHawks’ First Night Training Run

The Nighthawks and Sundown Marathon Pacers gathered at MacRitchie Reservoir Park for their first night long run.  The air was cool after the afternoon showers, which brought delight to the runners, many whom were looking forward to get in a good aerobic workout after the festivities.

After a route and safety briefing, the respective pace groups ran along the boardwalk along Thomson Road.  The Basebuild Pace kept the runners in tandem, all with their targets of completing 15km for Half Marathoners and 24km for Full Marathoners.

At Heart Rate Zone 2, the trainees were supposed to be running at conversational pace.  It was great to see that many were engaged in small talk and keeping one another motivated.  The distances passed very quickly and soon it was the HMers who made their U-Turn at the designated point along Old Upper Thomson Road (OUTR).

The FMers continued along OUTR strongly, coming out onto Upper Thomson Road before turning into Mandai Rd to their U-Turn Checkpoint at Seletar Reservoir.  Because of the New Year period, human traffic was very light, even at the nearby EGC range,

The 4hr Pace Group were the first to turn back and along the way out crossed paths with the incoming 5hr groups.  Greetings and encouragement exchanged before the groups continued on with their paces towards their next Check Points.  The runners maintained their strong paces all the way on the return to finish strongly (with reserves in their tanks) back at MR Amenities Centre by 10:30pm.

After iced-cold isotonic drinks and bananas to replenish fuel and essential salts, the NightHawks and Pacers were given a debrief of what contributed to their enjoyable run, as well as tips on Recovery and Myofascial Massage to keep the niggles and knots at bay, especially as the training runs will be getting longer and more intense in the coming weeks.


When Dusk Falls, The NightHawks Emerge!


Photos by FatBird Chin


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Sundown Marathon Training Kickoff

Sundown Marathon Training Kickoff

The 12-week Sundown Marathon Training kicked off with the first Sundown Marathon lead up run at the M Social Hotel on Saturday morning.  A good group of Sundown Marathon participants joined the newly minted Official Sundown Pacers 2017 team for a group run of 10km and 18km along the scenic Singapore River and into Gardens By The Bay.

After a welcome brief and dynamic warm up routine by Team FatBird trainers. the runners were all raring to run.  All participants were segregated into the official Pacer groupings of 2:00h, 2:15h and 2:30h for the Half Marathon (HM) category, and 4:00h, 4:30h, 5:00h, 5:30h and 6:00h in the Full Marathon (FM) category.

The objective of this first lead up run was to establish a base for the runners and to prime them for building up their paces for future lead up and training runs, with the objective of hitting their race timing goals at Sundown Marathon race at end March 2017.

The various pace groups, led by specially selected Sundown Pacers, ran along the Singapore River, passing through Asian Civilization Musuem, The Esplanade, The Float @ Marina before entering Gardens By the Bay.  Along the way, the runners’ were motivated by some singing and shouting of cheers.  Before long, they reached Marina Barrage and were greeted by the special hydration point set up by Sundown Organizer, well stocked with iced-cold 100Plus and water.

It was a good break for the thirsty runners.  The Half Marathoners gathered for some group photos before turning back for their remaining 10km.  The Full Marathoners were still looking fresh at that 5km mark.  They proceeded on to cross the Barrage Bridge into Gardens By The Bay on the other side to settle into their training pace.

The FM groups reached the 9km water point and u-turn mark after crossing the Tanjong Rhu footbridge onto the Water Sports Centre at Sports Hub.  Most of the runners were keeping to the Basebuild Pace (20s slower than Marathon Pace) well and still had good reserves for the trip back to M Social.

We met many runners along the way, most notably Running Hour, who were out with their festive Christmas ornaments.  As we passed, we wished everyone “A Merry Christmas & Happy New Year”, and were reciprocated with cheers and joys from the runners.

We were having fun and enjoyment all along the run.  Soon, we were back to the water point at Barrage for one more water point stop before the final 5km back.  We were grateful for the hydration support from the Sundown Organizer which provided us with relief from the heat.  After the refreshing top-up, the Sundown Runners went with their pacers back along Singapore River to finish a strong 18km.

As we ran back, we were singing and cheering to “Sundown, Sundown, Hoo Haa!” which really pumped up the tiring runners.  When we turned the corner and saw the Sundown Marathon banners, there were joys all round for a satisfying morning training run.  Lots of bananas and isotonic drinks were offered to the hungry and thirsty Sundown Runners who were just happy that they had successfully completed their first lead up run.

We now set our sights to the second lead up run on 21 Jan which will bring the training up a notch in terms on distance (14km, 27km) and intensity (Marathon Pace).  All Sundown Marathoners would not want to miss this lead up run.  You are encouraged to register early to make your date with the Sundown Marathon Pacers HERE!

Runners preparing for the Sundown Marathon and other marathon races (Tokyo, Hong Kong, Paris, Boston, Taipei) in 2017 are encouraged to sign up for NightHawk Marathon Training to benefit from structured group training led by qualified and experienced Team FatBird marathon trainers.


Training Program details and registration HERE!


Team FatBird also has a Corporate Run & Marathon Training Program to prepare employees of companies and institutions for the Standard Chartered Marathon Singapore (SCMS).  Write to OR Check Out Program Details Here!

Week #2 of Sunbird training will see the participants go through trails and slopes at MacRitchie Reservoir Park.  The foundation and base building continues.


Photos from FatBird MK

Sunbirds Wraps Up SCMS Training at Padang

Sunbirds Wraps Up SCMS Training at Padang

The Sunbirds were glad to do their final training run at the finish point of this year’s Standard Chartered Marathon SIngapore (SCMS).  A fitting finale to the 12 weeks of marathon training which saw the trainees progressed through building a good foundation and growing from strength.


Next Sunday at about this time, the Sunbirds will join the approximately 50,000 participants in finishing their SCMS right in front of the National Art Gallery and Padang site.  They were joined this morning by the Sundown Marathon Pacers who were there to undergo selection trials for their Pacing mission in March 2017.


It was a full dress rehearsal of sorts for next weekend’s race, right down to being flagged off with Car Free Sunday participants at 8:00am to the sound of air horns and announcements from the MC.  After a good dynamic warmup conducted by the Sunbird Trainers, and moving to the beat of the blaring music, the runners were all pumped up to go alongside bikers and mobility vehicles along the 5km stretch of closed roads at Shenton Way.


The morning showers stopped in time to give way to cooling and windy conditions, so conducive for a finale prep run around the City Centre.  If next Sunday’s weather is to be similar, there will be many good performances and Personal Bests for sure.

mk40 mk33

Runners were entertained throughout the journey with nice scenery, cheer leaders, and lots of music and street performances with enticing food stalls inside Telok Ayer.  It was refreshing for many of the trainees and Pacers who have not participated in the CFS before.


The roads were pretty clear as many of the bikers were late to arrive due to the earlier rain.  The runners and brisk walkers from some CCs were in good force, taking advantage of the cool morning to be engaged in healthy exercise.


The Sunbirds and Corporate trainees wrapped up their Optimal Pace run of 13km and 18km by 10am to end the training on a high note.  Armed with the confidence for a good race, Team FatBird and Ops Sunbird trainers will be looking forward to a string of good performances by the Sunbird and Corporate trainees.

g10 g12

With the successful completion of Ops Sunbird marathon training for SCMS, Team FatBird will be taking a a short break before starting our next marathon training program, Ops NightHawk – 12-week structured night marathon training for OSIM Sundown Marathon 2017.


Ops Sunbird Wraps Up On A High!


Photos from FatBird MK, Chin, Steven

Sunbirds Tapering For SCMS 2016

Sunbirds Tapering For SCMS 2016

After weeks of training in cool weather conditions, the Sunbird trainees were given a rare treat of heat conditioning in this second last long run before race day on Dec 4.  The bout of heat would be something that might crop up 3-4 hours into the marathon run, and it will be good that the SCMS trainees would not be caught off-guard should that situation arise.


With the good foundation built over the past 10 weeks, the Sunbirds came into the Tapering phase well prepared for the 18km (HM) and 28km (FM) at Optimal Pace.  The sun’s heat midway through the run did cause some to dig in to clear their mental hurdles, especially when feeling a little dehydrated and experiencing some cardiac drift and increased heart rate caused by the warm temperatures.


A number of trainees, especially the FMers were feeling fatigue from the past weeks’ of long runs and races.  It is good that the tapering phase has begun with 2 weeks to spare, allowing for some time to rest and recover in time for a good race.

The whole training run completed by 10:30am with iced-cold Gatorade drinks and bananas to replenish the drained runners.  A quick check showed that most of the Sunbirds have reliefed their niggles and muscular tightness with Rest, Ice, Compression and Elevation (R.I.C.E) routines now built into their post-run routines.


We now look forward to our final session of training next weekend at the Padang area, the finish point of the Standard Chartered Marathon Singapore (SCMS).  It will be a full dress rehearsal of sorts for all the marathoners, with the opportunity to run on the closed roads of Shenton Way pass National Arts Gallery for a vision of a grand finish.  With the short distance of just 13km (HM) and 18km (FM) at Optimal Pace, it will be the final preparatory run to close all gaps and fine-tune the paces.


The Sunbirds Are Race Ready!

Photos by FatBird MK

The Longest & Most Challenging Training Run @ SCMS16

The Longest & Most Challenging Training Run @ SCMS16

It was fortunate that the weather was not too bad this Sunday morning, as the Sunbirds prepare to tackle their longest training run in preparation for SCMS due in 3 weeks.  This was to be a gauge of the runners’ foundation and endurance abilities to complete 80-90% at Marathon Pace, and also for all to finalize their hydration and fuel plan.


u11To add an additional level of challenge, the FM trainees were required to navigate the 8km ‘Demoralizing’ Changi Coastal Road stretch.  The difficulty level was further increased a notch up when the sun popped out along that demoralizing stretch.


The HM and 10k Sunbirds and Corporate trainees stayed along the more shady ECP stretch to complete their missions within target training objectives.  Led by very experienced trainers and pacer from Team FatBird, the Corporate trainees have learnt and improved lots over these past 6 weeks of their joining the FatBird SCMS Corporate Training Program.


The HM Sunbirds did well to complete their 21km within target pace.  During the debrief, it was reported that many of them have lost quite a lot of fats and inches around the waist, allowing for easier runs and faster timings than before joining the Sunbird program.

The FM Group 0.5 were first to turnaround from Changi Ferry Terminal toilet and hit ECP again after just running for 90min.  With a weight loss of 4kg from an already thin frame, JY was running stronger than ever along with his training mate and mentor NH.


The respective FM groups completed their 33km-35km missions well within targets as well, with Groups 1, 2 and 3 all finishing strongly.  The mental factor at the Demoralizing stretch of 16km to and fro did affect some of the trainees, but they picked up strongly once they came back to ECP.

With the successful completion of the longest training run, the Sunbirds will enter the tapering phase with decreased mileage without lowering intensity from next week.  Feedback from the trainers indicate that those who showed up today are ready for the big race.


With diminished immunity from such a long and challenging workout, the Sunbirds were advised to rehydrate, refuel, rest and recover for the next few days to avoid getting sick or worse, coming down with injury due to tight muscles and sore joints.  This ‘crucial’ period can often break a marathoners’ good preparations if he or she does not have sufficient rest and recovery from all the hard training done in the past few weeks.

Training completed at 11:30am, 4 hours after the the morning’s first runoff.  The final groups were glad to have completed their longest run to iced-cold isotonic drinks and bananas, with patient trainers sharing their joys.


The Sunbirds Did Well In The Longest, Most Challenging Run

Photos from FatBirds MK, Chris