Ops Sunbird (SCSM) 2017 Finale

Ops Sunbird (SCSM) 2017 Finale

12 weeks have passed in a blink of an eye.  Next weekend is the final test for all the Sunbirds who gathered for their training program finale run at ECP this Sunday morning.

Armed with 12 weeks of base-building with good doses of strength, speed and pace training under their belt, the Sunbird marathoners would gather for one final session to hone their final marathon preparations for the SCSM on 3 Dec.

The Optimal Paced run in their respective timing groups would have them run portions of the race day routes for 13km (HM) and 18km (FM).  As a simulation for race day, most were dressed in their race armour and shoes, starting conservatively at Marathon Pace (MP) for 3-5km before progressing on and sustaining Optimal Pace (OP) for the remaining km.

By now, the Sunbirds are very familiar with the success formula and focused on executing their respective race plans to a tee.  They all finished the 2-hour run feeling good and confident for a good showing on race day.

The Sunbird Trainers conducted briefings on the race routes as well as preparations in the final week for a successful run at SCSM17.  We are happy that all Sunbirds have progressed to this stage of training with strong showings of improved aerobic base and speed endurance, with a relatively good injury-free record.

The Sunbird Trainers have enjoyed every bit of the 12-week program as much as what we hope the Sunbird trainees would have relished and benefited from.  We would like to thank all Sunbirds for your confidence and patience with the training program.

The stage is set for this Sunday’s important race.

We wish all Sunbirds a fruitful and enjoyable run at SCSM, and may their commitment and dedication at training bring them the due rewards of hitting their marathon goals and Personal Bests.


The Sunbirds Are Operationally Ready For SCSM17!


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Final Phase Of Sunbird Training For SCSM

Final Phase Of Sunbird Training For SCSM

With the completion of 22km for the HM and 30-32km for the FM, the Sunbirds have reached their final milestone of the 12-week training program for the Standard Chartered Singapore Marathon (SCSM) to be held on Dec 3 morning.

This morning’s fast-finish long run was executed at Marathon Pace (MP) for the initial portion, with the final 10km being ran at Optimal Pace (7-10s faster).  This was to prepare the marathoners for a steady (not too fast) start and run a negative split with a faster pace (on fatigued legs no less) on the return distance.

The Sunbirds have over the past training weeks built up a solid foundation and sense of good form and pace to execute these over 20s and 30s long runs well.  Quite a difference in terms of marathon ability, running economy and pacing quality compared to when they first started with Ops Sunbird 2017 some 10 weeks ago.

This morning’s workout saw an eventful turn on events with the lashing run and strong headwinds experienced about 1.5h into the workout.  This provided the Sunbirds with a sense of running through challenging weather, be it in hot sunny temperatures or wet and windy rainy conditions.

Some of the Sunbirds in fact did better with the rains bringing down their core temperatures and alleviating their Heart Rates for a stronger finish that would have been without the rain.

These long run workouts were also full rehearsals for the trainees to trial their race plans and equipment testing in simulated race day conditions.  Adjustments will be made to fine-tune the paces and plans over the next two weeks of tapering for an optimal race.

With the longest run aced, the Sunbirds enter into the Tapering Phase with reduced weekly mileage over the coming weeks, with training intensity maintained.  This will also be a good time to look after minor niggles and aches, with more foam-rolling and myofascial releases to recondition the fatigued and tight muscles.


The Sunbirds Are Ready For SCSM17!