Cruise Tempo Intervals In Week #8 SCSM Training

Cruise Tempo Intervals In Week #8 SCSM Training

While the majority of Sunbirds were doing the Newton Challenge (32km) as part of their simulator long run @ Marathon Pace, the smaller group of mainly Half Marathon Sunbird trainees were at the front of the National Art Gallery for their 18km and 30km run along start and finishing portions of the SCSM (Standard Chartered Singapore Marathon) race routes.

The training run for the Sunbirds were executed in a long tempo interval format with 2min of rest interval for every 5km of running at Marathon Pace (MP).  The first portion of the run brought us to Kallang Riverside Park along the serenity of the Kallang River on a pretty Sunday morning.

The first 10km was completed back the start point in front of NAC, where the Sunbirds were scheduled to run 5km loops around the City Centre (roads closure for CarFreeSundaySG) with refreshment (Sports Water, bananas) awaiting at every rest interval.

The training objective was to bring the trainees up to MP over the longer distances 18km and 30km with short rest breaks to help with sustaining target pace throughout.

Under the guidance of their Sunbird trainers, the Sunbirds met their training objectives in spite of the challenges posed by the heat in the later part of the morning.

After the training, we received bouts of good news of the sterling results of our Sunbirds who were at the Newton Challenge 32km.  Many of the Sunbirds outperformed with Personal Bests and running much faster than their respective target Marathon Pace for the whole distance.

We would like to give a shout out to all Sunbirds for the smooth execution of their race and pace plan at the training and race, which will surely serve as a huge confidence booster for their upcoming marathon endeavors.

With this good weekend of training and simulator racing, the Sunbirds progress into week #9 where they will do their longest run with high confidence levels of performing well at SCSM17.


The Sunbirds Raced And Paced Well!

Sunbirds Commence Pace Training For SCSM17

Sunbirds Commence Pace Training For SCSM17

After 5 weeks of base building to hone the Sunbirds’ aerobic base and fuel efficiency, the Standard Chartered Singapore Marathon (SCSM) trainees embarked on the next phase of Pace Training in week 6 of the 12-week structured marathon training program.

The 16km (for Half Marathon trainees) and 30km (for Full marathoners) were to be done in a progression model with first 1/3 of the long run workout at BaseBuild Pace, the middle 1/3 distance at BaseBuild Pace -10s/km, the final 10km at Marathon Pace.

It will also be a trial of sorts for the Sunbirds to test out their draft hydration and fueling plans.  For many of them, it will be a breach into new territory in terms of new distance reached at goal pace training.

The first half of the workout was well executed according to pace, although some Sunbirds went out a little more aggressive than planned.  The price was paid in the second half of the run, especially after 21km with fatigue setting in earlier than expected.

However, the majority of the training group did well to sustain through for the full 30km, albeit having to dig deep after running out of glycogen and hitting an early wall.  Definitely a good learning experience for the trainees which can bring them to a new level of preparedness for the remaining weeks of pace training and eventually on race day.

The training team was happy with the resilience and commitment of the Sunbird trainees to grind through this important training session.  The trainees too were delighted with their own performances in what was new territory for many of them.

The next two weeks of training will have the Sunbirds transitioning to Marathon Pace, with some fast-finish long runs in store.  The Sunbirds will surely be looking forward to doing a few more 20ks, 30ks to hone their preparedness for a solid race in December.

The Sunbirds’ Flight To Marathon Pace

Photo contributions from FatBird Rand



Sunbirds braved the hills challenge @ SCSM17 training

Sunbirds braved the hills challenge @ SCSM17 training

In weeks 3 and 4 of Standard Chartered Singapore Marathon (SCSM17), the Sunbirds took to the hills at Mt. Faber and Labrador Park and braved the twin hills repetitions challenges.

As part of foundation and base building, these hills repeats weaved into their long runs aim to strengthen their aerobic base and toughen their running feet and physiques.

The Sunbird trainees led by their respective trainers completed the 22km-26km workouts in very hilly terrain, without any thoughts of wanting it any easier…Kudos to their commitment and mental strength to overcome the tough workouts dispensed.

They kept to the training paces in both weeks’ workouts and returned with high scores in meeting the training objectives.

The trainers were suitably impressed with the high tolerance for ‘pain’ of the Sunbirds, which have allowed them to complete the challenging missions.  This will put them in good stead for the next 8 weeks of buildup towards SCSM in December.

With another week of base building next week at MacRitchie Reservoir Park, the Sunbirds would have completed Phase 1 of the training with sufficiently sound aerobic base and better running economy, before moving on to Pace Training in Phase 2.

We look forward to seeing continued good progress from the Sunbirds, while hoping that those who have missed some of the foundation sessions would be able to do their own make-up training and return to the Nest soon enough for us to bring them towards meeting their race day objectives.


The Sunbirds Braved The Twin Hills Challenge

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