OSB14 Weekend #5: Excellent Weather For The Trails

OSB14 Weekend #5: Excellent Weather For The Trails

The passing rain came just in time to clear the slight haze for what turned out to be a cool-weather LSD for the Sunbirds.  The respective groups were well represented, although quite a number were taking a rain check after their previous day’s Northface100 conquests.

Briefing was short and sharp with the group photos taken in snappy fashion, leaving lots of time for the Sunbirds to complete the training requirements of the morning – 15km (HM) and 28km (FM) trail/slopes LSD at Basebuild pace.

The running and pacing have improved markedly from the first session over a month ago, with most of the trainees able to maintain target training paces, and in the trying conditions of the Northern Trail and Peirce Reservoir slopes.

The 3 times aircond road did however get to some of the trainees, but in the end, the great weather more than provided the boost for the runners to complete the challenge for an equally tough run back along the Island Country Club slopes and Northern Trail.

A very good outing for the Sunbirds which was incident and accident free, followed by cool down stretches conducted by some of the Sunbird trainers.  As advised, the tightening muscles and hydration needs require immediate attention to stave off any potential injury as the mileage and intensity would increase over the next few weeks.

With the Basebuild phase completed, the Sunbird program will progress on to doing a number of 30km at target Marathon Pace in the following few weekend sessions, albeit on flatter and more pace-able terrain.

The Sunbirds are enjoying their training and pleased to see results from their increased strength, faster pace and for a number of them, decreased weight making LSDs even more attainable and enjoyable.

The Sunbirds Passed Basebuild Strong!

Facebook photos from FatBirds
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OSB Weekend #4: Sunbirds revisit the Western Hills

OSB Weekend #4: Sunbirds revisit the Western Hills

True to our objective of building a good foundation of strength and speed, the Sunbirds were ushered through the Mt Faber Hills region for a 15km (HM) and 26km (FM) run at BaseBuild Pace.

The weather was cool and windy, making for a good opportunity for the Sunbirds to test their sustainable paces in a challenging route of rolling slopes sandwiching 30min/60min of hill repeats.  

With the spirits high and the attentiveness of the flock, the training brief was short and sharp, taking the runoff at 7:15am.  After 5km of rolling hills, we arrived to the Mt. Faber Loop carpark for the 1.6km hill repeats.  

The respective pace groupings made their way according to the prescribed duration.  Because of the cool weather and also the better foundation of the Sunbird trainees by now, there was not much walking spotted in between laps, resulting in the HM groups able to do 3 loops and the FM groups doing 4-7 loops (depending on speed of the group).

The lean training crew was very effective in crowd management and provided much of the leadership throughout the whole 3hr training duration – well done, Sunbird trainers.  The trainees too ‘played ball’ and achieved their targets well and in good time.

By the time we reached back to SAFRA Clubhouse (start point), the HM have completed 15km and were cooling down and chatting with their respective trainers & pacers  The FM trainees covered about 18-20km, and did another 5-8km to complete 26km in strong fashion and on-target training pace.

It was another good training session, made a lot more comfortable with the nice weather.  Training ended a tad earlier, leaving the many satisfied Sunbirds with time to chitchat over brunch and for others to meet their families to enjoy the weekend.

The distance will be progressively increased in Week #5 and we will be back to the Macritchie/Pierce Reservoir trails and roads for more hills and strength conditioning of the legs.  At the rate of progress we are going, the Sunbirds are moving in the right direction towards a good race day on Dec 7.

The Sunbirds Have Grown To Love Hills!

Facebook photos from FatBirds Ronnie, CK Chin