Flight OFC14’s Maiden Voyage

Flight OFC14’s Maiden Voyage

With the SCMS just barely ended a fortnight ago, Operation Falcon managed to garner good response for its maiden training program for the upcoming 2XU Marathon in March 2014 – evidence of more marathoners looking to do better in the new year with early preparations and conditioning.

The first session of Ops Falcon started off this Sunday morning at the Playground @ Big Splash vicinity.  Because of a couple of races such as LTAW, Commando Challenge, Taipei Marathon this weekend, the turnout was smaller but still had its fair share of first-timers as well as veterans of FatBird training ops.

We were also joined by the Japan Kumamoto Marathon group. who are undergoing training for their race in Feb 2014.  It was one melting pot of runners and marathoners from many quarters, adding much color to the flock that had gathered early on a Sunday morning.

The welcome and training briefing took a tad longer to ensure that all pioneering Falcon trainees understood the training requirements and corresponding commitment to deliver according to each individual’s targets and race objectives.

After a few quick group photos, the respective Falcon groupings of 1-Tango, 2-Foxtrot, 3-Bravo and 4-Hotel were flagged off for their maiden FlightZONES basebuild runs of 13km and 21km.  Participants were advised to take it easier in the beginning and progressively extend their capabilities as their endurance conditioning improve over longer distances.

 The cooling weather made for an easy run, interspersed with chit-chats and interesting conversations among trainers and trainees, all getting to know one another better while putting in their required training mileage.

Most of the trainees were observed to have reasonably good foundation and running form, which will make for higher improvement opportunities as the 12-week program unfolds with the participants being exposed to a myriad of training modules from hills to tempos to LSDs.

The first session ended on a strong note of confidence from most of the trainees at having ‘survived’ the training in good form.  As we proceed into week 2, more action in the form of weekday hills & strength development with the weekend trails & agility tests are highly anticipated.  

Those who are still interested to hop onto flight OFC14 will be happy to know that there are still a few seats available – for information and registration for Ops Falcon Marathon Training, please check out the website @ www.OpsFalcon.com!

Falcon Photos by FatBird Tejinda

Flight OFC14 Bound For 2XU Compression Marathon

Flight OFC14 Bound For 2XU Compression Marathon

Hello Runners & Marathoners,

With the biggest race of the year nicely wrapped up, it is time to lay down the plans for 2014 races and sufficient training preparations to help you achieve a brand new set of marathon goals!

Team FatBird is happy to offer our first comprehensive marathon training program for the new year:Operation Falcon 2014 – a tried and tested 12-week marathon training program for the 2XU Compression Marathon and international (Tokyo/Kyoto/Kumamoto, Hong Kong) marathons in 1Q 2014

Training Starts 15 December 2013!
Team FatBird FlightZONESTM  Structured  Marathon  Training Program 2013
•  A 12-week program comprising of weekday tempo/strength/hills workouts and one weekend long run, weekly.
•  15 Group Workout sessions will focus on building strength and endurance for the 21km and 42km distances, with a good mix of tempos, hills, repeats, coupled with weekend LSD and pace runs.
•   Experienced Marathoners and Pacers leading and guiding the runs
•   The FlightZONESTM Training System, incorporating heart-rate measurements and progressive paced running
•   The PowerFLIGHTTM Training System, incorporating hill repeats and trails/rolling hills
•   Two levels of training – beginners and experienced runners
•   Regular EDMs and online postings of the weekly training plan and tips on running techniques, form and pace
•   A one-time Special Equipping Discount on 2XU Compression apparel, products
•   Equipping Discounts and Special Promotions on other Sponsors/Partner products
•   eCertificates Of Completion/Achievement

Click HERE Training Dates/Schedules for your planning purposes.
Click HERE for Program Information and FAQs!

Please email to training@teamfatbird.com for any clarifications or enquiries.

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Sunbirds Celebrate SCMS13 With Thanks

Sunbirds Celebrate SCMS13 With Thanks

Photo Credit: Sunbird Shina

Although there were more reported challenges experienced by the SCMS participants this year, our Sunbird marathoners took them in their strides with the majority over-achieving their SCMS13 targets and objectives.

There were many kind words of appreciation and thanks from the more than 180 Sunbird trainees (both verbally and written) of which we would like to highlight a few we picked up from facebook:

Chua Meng Kiat, Sunbird Group 3-Bravo 
I was never a runner. In 2012, I sign up all kind of races in Singapore and KL just for fun. It was never about good timing, just want to collect T-Shirt and Medal. Since I join TeamFatbird Running this year 2013, my running pace and timing had improve a lot and I mean really a lot. Now I don’t just run marathon I do ultra marathon and I would thank for giving me the opportunity to run with Team FatBird and to my fellow team mates, thank you all for the good run and fun time we had.

Justin Too, Sunbird Group 1-Tango

3:46h at his maiden Full Marathon.  Thank you Arnel. It has really been a great experience training beside u. The whole journey towards my maiden 42.195 has been awesome with TeamFatbird!

Sudakshina Chopra, Group 4-Hotel
Standard Chartered Marathon 2013 my maiden half marathon in 2 hr 31 mins.. Not too bad but next time will try to better this…Special mention to TeamFatbird Running for bringing me this far…

Adelene Ho, Sunbird Group 3-Bravo
Thank you TeamFatbird Running for helping me achieve yet another PB. All the training helped.

Ramesh Dharma, Group 3-Victor
This year Stanchart Marathon is really special. I got to start with the Ethiopians and Kenyans… 
Organized training and corporate hospitality for my 215 colleagues who took part in today’s race….
The icing on the cake was do my personal best timing of 4hr 49mins for the full marathon . Big shout out to TeamFatbird Running for helping my company and myself to achieve all that we did today.

Kelvin Kee, Sunbird Group 2-Foxtrot
Thks TeamFatbird Running! I did a 2hrs 11mins. Nothing fantastic but it is my PB. Without training with you guys I wont be able to achieved this.

Kelly Ho, Sunbird Group 3-Bravo
My third marathon attempt and happy to finish it with another PB despite cramps and fatigue. Thank you toTeamFatbird Running for the excellent training and the trainers for all the support and encouragement. 42.195km is not easier the third time round but definitely another race to remember. 

Elaine Wong, Sunbird Group 4-Hotel
My maiden marathon results at 5hr17mins! Thanks to TeamFatbird Running and Operation Sunbird, I finished strong and enjoyed my run at a comfortable pace with no injury! Special thanks to my Group 4 pacers and sunbird friends who ran with me today!
Ratty Lizz (Norliza), Sunbird Group 4-Hotel
My 1st FM n I’m satisfied as I didn’t do well the last 10km due to leg injury….will do better for the coming marathon n thank you TeamFatbird Running for the guidance n training which I had with the team n looking forward to the next training session

Ng Ngee Hung, Sunbird Group 1-Tango
Thanks to all for your shouts of encouragements…
It’s been an invaluable experience sharing the marathon experience with my all my running friends (notably the Fatbirds)…It’s the journey that counts !
Justin Too, Sunbird Group 1-Tango
..it has been a great experience for my maiden 42.195! Having missed quite a few sessions of Sunbird trainings due to ‘Haze’ races and work commitment, the fact that you guys provided me with so many tips, and sharing of personal training experiences really help me lotz in achieving my first ever sub-4 in this awesome FM journey. 
Berno Oh, Sunbird Group 3-Bravo
2013 Marathon Singapore accomplished. My 2013 marathon season has finally come to a fitting close. 5 marathons in a year..What an experience!
Thank you TeamFatbird Running for your training support all these years. 

Ng Choon Guan, Sunbird Group 3-Bravo
Team FatBird, without u i cant have completed my first maiden FM.

Ruby Lui Sow Yin, Sunbird Group 2-Foxtrot
My maiden Full marathon run finished happily worth the timing as per my training plan…
Thanks to TeamFatbird Running provided a very good & effective training program to us, I earned lots precious times & experienced from there, every moments are invaluable. I can’t ask for more, just appreciated as I’ve completed the full marathon which I never think I can make it. Thanks all, you guys are awesome 
Colin Chua, Sunbird Group 1-Tango
Ran my marathon in 3:09. A new PB n possibly a top ten Singaporean finish but not quite fast enough to qualify for Boston yet. Still, v happy to say that I truly enjoyed the process of training with my TFB Ops Sunbird fellow trainees… I would also like to express my thanks to the TFB Ops Sunbird Grp 1 trainers who kept pace with us during trainings…

Kevin Ho, Sunbird Group 4-Hotel
Here’s a shoutout to Team Fatbird:
Completed my first ‘trained’ marathon in 5:54hrs. Not the perfect timing but it is definitely as important to me as a PR to anyone. Once again, thanks to the trainers (Jake, Charles, Jacqueline.. just to name a few) doing their stuff week-in/week-out, the introduction of trails, hills, slopes and iRuns. Your training, tips, sharing was good…

Wenora Wong, Sunbird Group 4-Hotel
…thank you TeamFatbird Running & pacers for the awesome training program which have helped me complete my very first FM  looking forward to the upcoming training sessions!

Cheryl Chia, Sunbird Group 4-Hotel
I’ve kept my faith that I will win the rival inside me today. I will remember by heart that I ve crossed the Finish line with a great team of great runners: Chin Ck, Emily, Cher Tan, Lily Tan, Stella, Kyle, John, holdings hands in hands.. Thanks TeamFatbird for the structured training programs and all the lovely friends, words of encouragement and sharing of experiences.. Congrats to all the Runners today! You guys are awesome! Muacks!

Arnel Villamin, Sunbird Group 1-Tango
The opportunity to be trained too while I serve as one of Team FatBird trainers has brought me to FM 3:36:02 timing in Singapore’s hot weather. Running long distances with you fellow Fatbirds is never boring, but rather easier because of fun and laughter…
TFB Training combined with Determination make impossible possible.  More power to All!
Joanna Sor, Sunbird Group 4-Hotel
Special thanks to Operation Sunbird (Team FatBird) for giving me an opportunity for 3 wonderful drop in practices to prepare myself for this marathon. Of cuz not forgetting those whom have given me many tips during our hot weather practices and friends that have been encouraging me all these while. 

From a SCMS Marathoner, Public 
Felt the positive spirit of Fatbird today. I noticed the unofficial 6 hour pacer with the gold balloon… I believe he is Team Fatbird related. I followed the guy for a while before I hit the wall at about 35km. At 21km when I overtook him, he had only like 2 or 3 people following him closely… by 35km, almost 18 people followed closely behind him…What a terrific guy. He looks like he could finish a marathon way better than that but chose to bring such joy and motivation to people…I think he’s a ‘superman’ to many today.

Thanks once again for all your kind words of appreciation, and we are happy to hear that all of you have benefited much from Operation Sunbird marathon training in many aspects of your marathon journey.

We look forward to seeing more marathon-bound runners prepare themselves with ample training and guidance for an even more enriching and enjoyable marathon experience.

Team FatBird – Follow Our Pace & Win Your Race!