12-Week Training For Sundown Marathon 2013 – Limited Slots Remain!

12-Week Training For Sundown Marathon 2013 – Limited Slots Remain!

Team FatBird is happy to accept limited available slots for Operation NightHawk 2013 – our tried and tested structured night training program to help you Beat The Sunrise & Show Your True Colours!

** This Program is useful for preparations of other marathon races in May-July even if you are not doing Sundown Marathon 2013.

OPERATION NIGHTHAWK – Comprehensive Marathon Training Package price of $129 (FM) and $119 (HM and past FatBird trainees) inclusive of:
1. 12-week Team FatBird (www.teamfatbird.com) Flight-Zones™ Night Marathon Training Program.
      • Heart-Rate & Pace Training sessions.
      • 1 weekday tempo and 1 weekend long run with the group
      • Workout sessions focus on building strength and endurance 
        for the HM and FM distances, with a good mix of tempos, 
        hills, repeats, trails, coupled with weekend LSD and pace runs.
      • Experienced Marathoners and Pacers leading and guiding the 
      • Information and tips on Managing & Preventing Running       
        Injuries, Running Performance, Sports Nutrition.
      • Isotonic Drinks/Refreshments after long runs.
3. A New Balance “OPERATION NIGHTHAWK” RACE DAY singlet/vest FOC to trainees who meet attendance criteria (50% weekend sessions).
4. A one-time 50% kit-up discount of New Balance apparel, shoes, products.
5. A one-time Special kit-up discount of 2XU Compression Products
6. Special discounts on sponsors’ products like nutrition, hydration systems, foam rollers
7. Race Night Hospitality Tent/Massage/Refreshment for Ops NightHawk participants
8. eCertificates/Awards of completion/achievement.

Training will begin from 9 March 2013 for successful applicants.
Click HERE for Training Dates/Schedules for your planning purposes.
** Training mainly start/end from East Coast Parkway, MacRitchie Reservoir Amenities Centre & SAFRA Mt. Faber

Click HERE for Frequently Asked Questions.

Please email to training@teamfatbird.com for any clarifications or queries.
– Subject: Ops NightHawk 2013
– Name,
– email,
– contact no.

About Team FatBird:
Team FatBird is a congregation of highly passionate runners who are experienced in distance running from 10km to full marathons. Empowered with the necessary experience and expertise, the team excels in the areas of organising and leading group runs, providing marathon training and pacing services. For more information about Team FatBird, its running and training activities, please visit www.teamfatbird.com and Team FatBird facebook.

Operation Kookaburra 2013: RUN GOLD GOAST Marathon Training

Operation Kookaburra 2013: RUN GOLD GOAST Marathon Training


Blessed with year-round sunshine and a mild winter, Queensland is Where Australia Shines!  For runners looking for a cool respite, the Gold Coast Airport Marathon (GCAM) in July offers a refreshing break from the tropical heat and your best chance for a personal best!

Why Run Gold Coast? 
Flat scenic course for a personal best.
Run relaxed in cool weather with temperature ranging 10 to 20°C.
Run having fun with spectators cheering, bands playing and sun shining.

RUN GOLD COAST Travel Package
Special 5Day/3Night & 7Day/5Night RUN GOLD COAST travel packages from Scenic Travel are available for booking now!


Tourism Queensland, in partnership with Team FatBird is pleased to present OPERATION KOOKABURRA 2013, a marathon training program designed to prepare runners to compete & complete the 2013 Gold Coast Airport Marathon.

Training will begin in April 2013 for successful applicants.
Click HERE for Training Dates/Schedules for your planning purposes.
Click HERE for Frequently Asked Questions.

First 100 runners who book the RUN GOLD COAST Travel Package will get Operation Kookaburra training free! 

OPERATION KOOKABURRA – Structured Half & Full Marathon Training Package price of $100 inclusive of:
1. 12-week Team FatBird Flight-ZonesTM Marathon Training Program incorporating the GCAM training guidelines and tailored to our trainees’ requirements
..........• Two levels of training – beginners and experienced runners
..........• Heart-Rate & Pace Training sessions.
..........• Experienced Pacers & Guides leading and guiding the runs
..........• Information and tips on Managing & Preventing Running Injuries,
............Running Performance, Sports Nutrition.
2.  6 Weekend Group Long Runs
3.  Weekly (Thursday) Tempo Runs
4.  Isotonic Drinks/Refreshments after long runs.
5. A “RUN GOLD COAST” finisher top FOC to trainees who meet minimum attendance requirements (3 weekend sessions)
6. Special discounts on Running Apparel and Compression Products
7. eCertificates/Awards of completion/achievement.

Runners have been taking advantage of the specialised marathon training prepared by Team Fatbird –  Operation Kookaburra is based on Team FatBird’s in-house fitness system and complemented with aspects of the Official Gold Coast Marathon Training Program.

For a glimpse of what to expect with Kookaburra Training, we had a Lead Up Run in January 2013Check out the photos & video HERE:

Ops Kookaburra Lead Up Run in Jan 2013

Please email to training@teamfatbird.com for queries and training info:
– Subject: Ops Kookaburra 2012
– Name,
– email,
– contact no.

Run Kookaburra, Run Kookaburra, GOLD Your Race Will Be!
See you at Gold Coast, mate !



Lucky FatBird Ushers In Scintillating Snake 2013

Lucky FatBird Ushers In Scintillating Snake 2013

Facebook Photos from Ronnie GohCK Chin, Tan Kim Lai, Terry Tan, David Tan

On the 3rd day of the Lunar New Year of the Snake, more than 100 Team FatBird runners and friends gathered at the Western Coastal Walk @ Labrador MRT for our annual festive Weekender Series, the FatBird Chinese New Year (CNY) Run.  Most were dressed up in auspicious red, with a few in yellow (‘Emperor’s Red’) and white to symbolize the fortune and health we will be receiving in the year of the Snake.

After a few days of CNY feasting, many of us were looking forward to have a ‘fats burning’ and calorie-busting running workout in the midst of auspicious features to welcome the year of the Snake.  Well wishes of “Gong Xi Fa Cai, Xing Nian Kuai Le” rang through as fellow runners wished one another before we set off.  The first spot was “Bu Bu Gao Shen” or the ascent to good fortune in the climb up Labrador Hill, and through the tunnels before coming out along the coastal line to welcome the “Cai Yuen Guang Jing” as water signifies wealth (Shui Shi Cai) in Chinese.

The runners were in high spirits as we came to Dragon Teeth’s Gate (Long Ya Men) for the shout out to be “Long Ma Jing Shen” or be healthy and strong like the dragon – as the Chinese would have it, the Snake is a mini Dragon as we bade brother Dragon farewell to welcome brother Snake to shouts of “Xing Nian Hao, Xing Nian Miao, Lai Ge Xing Nian Gua Gua Jiao!  Huat Ah!”

By the time we approached the Keppel Reflections By The Bay, many well wishes were dished out to fellow runners and walkers in the area.  We posed for yet another auspicious picture by the sailboats and seacraft as as wished for ‘Yi Fan Feng Shun’ and smooth-sailing for our career, health and fortune in the new year.  The security guard was kind to let us stick around for a while to take nice photos of the area, but we could hardly fit our large group in no matter the angle we approached from.

Yet more water flowed along with the FatBirds we ran along rivers and coastline to arrive at the other side of the bay.  Looking at the beautiful boats and the backdrop of Keppel Reflections, each of us picked a boat where we hope to see them grow larger and posher when we return for next year’s New Year Run.  Lots more group photos ensued with shouts of auspicious greetings to the amusement of passer-bys who were on their morning strolls.

We took the Berlayer Creek back to Labrador MRT for a 7.8km (Chi Fa) or Go Forth With Good Fortune, as the first group bade farewell with well wishes.  The remaining 60% of the group went on the second leg to HortPark and the Snakey Turn for our ‘She Nian Chaun Hao Yun’ – Great turns of good fortune in the year of the Snake as we did the ‘Snake Wave’ with greetings of “Gong Xi Fa Cai” as we run up to the top.

Climbing the ‘Stairway to Prosperity’, we shouted “Bu Bu Gao Shen” and “Huat Ah!” as we welcomed more strokes of good fortune in the New Year.  At the top, it was overwhelming consensus to go for another 3km of ‘fats burning’ then we ran on to the scenic Kent Ridge Park for more ‘Snakey turns of good fortune’ and photos by the peaceful lake to symbolize a year of peace and prosperity (more water) for all of us and Singapore.

True to form, the FatBirds received what they wished for as we ran up yet more slopes to burn off even more fats…and as we ran, we wore very happy and satisfied looks.  The Canopy Walk overlooking the beautiful expanse of greenery showed many of us the hopes and aspirations of our people for our beautiful Garden City in the Snake Year, and that we will all work and run harder to protect and enjoy the beautiful scenic-scape in this wonderful place we call Home.

‘Xian Ku Hou Tian’ – Bitter First, Sweetness Followed as we reached the epitome of the Scintillating Snake run, enjoying the smooth flowing rundown and the singing of Chinese New Year songs all the way back to where we started from at Labrador MRT – 15km of sheer pleasure for good measure that we will treasure for a long time.

??????  Every road and every street,

?????? Everywhere that people meet,

?????? The first few words that they will greet,

?????? Is “Happy Chinese New Year”

???????? Gong Xi Gong Xi Ging Xi Ni Ah…

??????? Gong Xi Gong Xi Gong Xi Ni!

Huat Ah! Huat Ah!