Vibram Five Fingers (VFF) exclusive

Vibram Five Fingers (VFF) exclusive

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FatBird ‘Enter The Dragon’ Holiday Weekender

FatBird ‘Enter The Dragon’ Holiday Weekender

Photo Contributions From CK Chin, Marcus Lim (Album 1, Album 2), AC Leong, Susie Lim, Ngatimin, Tan Tick Hock

When we did the FatBird Circle Line Weekenders from Oct-Dec 2011, the Labrador Park Berlayer Creek and Coastal Walk had yet to be open.  With the Chinese New Year of the Dragon, we decided on a CNY Holiday Weekender to bring the FatBird runners to the scenic areas of the Labrador Reserve & Coastal Walk, Keppel Marina, Berlayer Creek and the Cantebury Estates (which many have been asking to visit).

90+ enthusiastic FatBirds showed up on what was a cloudy, windy and cool morning at the Labrador Park MRT.  Lots of well-wishing of Gong Xi Fa Cai and Happy New Year amongst the runners ensued, many whom have not met up since the SCMS in Dec 2011.  After a quick brief at 7:30am, we proceeded on to the Dragon Tooth via the Labrador Park tunnels & Park.  We had a different angle shot of the group at the Dragon Tooth, and then broke out into a series of vocals, cheers and song-singing which were to be the highlights at each of the day’s auspicious spots of ‘Bu Bu Gao Shen’, ‘Yi Fan Feng Shun’ and ‘Fu Xing Gao Zhao’.

The FatBirds soaked in the sights and the festive atmosphere of the Dragon New Year, singing along and posing for pictures as they jog along the Keppel Marina area.  The area comprising of multi-million dollar apartments and boats represent a sign of prosperity and wealth along the Dragon vein of water.  As we posed for group photos and sang songs of Gong Xi Gong Xi and Cai Shen Dao, the air was full of hopes for that lucky streak at the 4D and Toto in the coming week, and not forgetting being in the pink of good health and running strong in the new year.

8km later, we were back at the Labrador Park MRT for our journey into the ‘Fu Xing Gao Zhao’ Canterbury Estates of Colonial Bungalows.  A number of FatBirds left from the Labrador Park MRT while the rest of us continued onto our merry ways into the HortPark area.  Some jump shots and happy shouts of Gong Xi Gong Xi later, we went into the quiet enclave of the Canterbury Estates.  Many of the FatBirds were impressed with the lush and serene landscape of the estate, with most of the houses having their own swimming pools, with nearby football fields and clay tennis courts.

FatBirds singing Gong Xi Gong Xi, video courtesy CK Chin

We had a final stop at the HortPark toilet before finishing off the 13.8km (Huat Ah!) distance back at Labrador Park MRT.  After a quick wash-up, we proceeded to the nearby MacD for breakfast while other groups went for prata at the foot of Mt. Faber.  We were lucky to miss the scorching sun which began to emerge at 11am.  A very well-attended and good participation from all the runners made this FatBird Holiday Weekender a most enjoyable and fitting one for the festive spirit of the Chinese New Year.  With that we would like to wish all FatBird Runners and friends Gong Xi Fa Cai and Huat AH!!!
Operation NightHawk 2012: REGISTRATION OPENS!

Operation NightHawk 2012: REGISTRATION OPENS!

With the race course set against a backdrop of skyscrapers in the night in the city, the fifth year of the Sundown Marathon will be the most exciting night running event yet.  Team FatBird is happy to launch Operation NightHawk 2012 – our tried and tested structured night training program to help you Beat The Sunrise!

The moment you have been waiting for.
Operation NightHawk 2012 Opens For Registration!

This edition of Operation NightHawk delivers even better value with additional training sessions, enhanced equipping discounts from New Balance & 2XU Compression to provide you the ultimate night marathon training experience.

OPERATION NIGHTHAWK – Comprehensive Marathon Training Package price of $109 (HM/FM) inclusive of:
1. 12-week Team FatBird ( Flight-Zones™ Night Marathon Training Program.
..........• Heart-Rate & Pace Training sessions.
..........• 2 weekday runs & 1 weekend long run
..........• Experienced Marathoners and Pacers leading and guiding the runs
..........• Information and tips on Managing & Preventing Running Injuries,
............Running Performance, Sports Nutrition.
..........• Isotonic Drinks/Refreshments after long runs.
3. A pair of New Balance shorts FOC
4. A New Balance “OPERATION NIGHTHAWK” RACE DAY singlet/vest FOC to trainees who meet attendance criteria (50% weekend sessions).
5. A one-time 50% kit-up discount of New Balance apparel, shoes, products.
6. Special discounts on 2XU Compression Products
7. Race Night Hospitality Tent/Massage/Refreshment for Ops NightHawk participants
8. eCertificates/Awards of completion/achievement.

Training will begin in March 2012 for successful applicants.
Click HERE Training Dates/Schedules for your planning purposes.
Click HERE for Frequently Asked Questions.

Please email to for any clarifications or queries.
– Subject: Ops NightHawk 2012
– Name,
– email,
– contact no.
Running Clubs In Singapore: Team FatBird featured

Running Clubs In Singapore: Team FatBird featured

SLOG IT OUT TOGETHER: Straits Times 21 January 2012

Team FatBird is honored to be mentioned as one of the largest running clubs in Singapore.

“A 2006 study conducted by American scientists found that group running may offer more benefits than long, solo runs”

“Being part of a group means greater commitment and accountability on the part of the individual, and less procrastination…no more what ifs”, said Lynn Woo of Team FatBird

“Jacqueline Tan believes joining Team FatBird was one of the best decisions she has made.”

Team FatBird is grateful and appreciative of the participation and support from all FatBird Runners and Members which helped make us one of the fastest-growing running groups in Singapore. Lets look forward to more great fun and ‘happening’ training and group runs together in the Dragon Year! GO, FATBIRDS, GO!