Program PowerFLIGHT


Arm yourself with our specially-designed PowerFLIGHT Speed & Strength Training System to sharpen your racing edge and get in optimal weight for that next Personal Best!


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Operation Kookaburra


Ops Kookaburra Run Gold Coast Travel & Training Program aims to support and enhance your quest for marathon PB and BQ at the Gold Coast Airport Marathon (GCAM) in July 2017


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Corporate Running Training


Whether your corporation is preparing your staff for StandChart or Sundown Marathon, or you wish to have team-building activities and workshops and clinics for your group runners, we have proven training programs and events that will suit your requirements!

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Group Runs


Boost your energy and develop a trim and svelte physique with our free weekly group runs.

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Operation NightHawk


A specially-designed 12-week FlightZONES Night Marathon training program to prepare runners for the Sundown Marathon.

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Weight Management


Structured Weight Management Programs With Fat Blasting Workouts For Optimal Results!

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Marathon Training

Team FatBird organizes structured marathon training programs for local and overseas race events

Marathon Pacing

Team FatBird provide marathon pacing services and are the official Marathon Pacers for Sundown and SCMS

Group Running

Team FatBird organizes many group runs including the weekly HPB i-Runs islandwide.

Weight Management

Team FatBird offers effective weight loss programs for individuals and groups to lose fat and weight like HPB’s Lose To Win.

Group Fitness

Group aerobics and fitness classes like Zumba, KPopX Fitness, Cardio Boxing, HIIT, Bootcamps, Bollyrobics, Piloxing, Taichi.

Strength and Conditioning

Provide strength & conditioning programs for adults and seniors with group fitness assessments, exercise interventions and follow-up consultation and advisory

Ops Kookaburra Powers Up With PowerFLIGHT

This was a busy week for Team FatBird as we kickstarted two important marathon training programs - Program PowerFLIGHT, a 12-week intensive speed...
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Pacers & NightHawks Beat The Sunrise @ Sundown Marathon 2017

It was a challenging but rewarding 12-15 weeks of structured marathon training for the Sundown Marathon Pacers and Operation NightHawk marathon...
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Operation NightHawk 2017 Finale

It was a good wrap up of Operation NightHawk, 12-week structured marathon training for Sundown Marathon 2017! The NightHawk trainees, trainers and...
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What our trainees are saying

Thank you Team FatBird Running for helping me achieve yet another Personal Best. All the training helped.

Adelene Ho

Sunbird trainee

Never regret getting up early meeting my group of running friends, that joy of training together. Thanks to Team FatBird’s Operation Kingfisher for six weeks of structured training. Today I m ahead of the blue balloons and did my PB at 2:23 🙂

Cheryl Chia

Kingfisher trainee

This year Stanchart Marathon is really special.  The icing on the cake was do my personal best timing of 4hr 49mins for the full marathon. Big shout out to Team FatBird for helping my company and myself to achieve all that we did today.

Ramesh Dharma

Sunbird trainee, VISA Corp.

Eternally grateful to Team Fatbird for training an ex fatty (me) to a 1hr25mins half marathon PB at AHM today!

Colin Chua

Kingfisher trainee

Thank you so much for all the support, guidance and enjoyment over the last twelve weeks. I smashed my PB by half an hour coming in at 4:57 and couldn’t be happier. Team FatBird are amazing and I can’t wait to do it all again!! Thank you

Carly Peart

Falcon trainee

Thank you all for one of my best experiences of my life…I joined to try it out, but now I can surely say that I have got addicted to the Team Fatbird Training.  All training were very well organized and were scientifically devised to meet the goal…Looking forward to many more such trainings…

Sudakshina Chopra

PowerFlight trainee

These motivational LTW workouts helped me shed 6.5-kilos in just 12 weeks. Gave me good knowledge on correct food intake, workouts and proper guidance by dedicated and qualified trainers.  I am especially thankful to Team Fatbird’s instructors, nutritionists and all its crew that have helped me throughout this 8-week weight loss program.

David Teo

Lose To Win Participant

In the past, we have little success losing any weight. After we joined this LTW program organized by Team FatBird, we manged to lose 2.4kg and 3kg respectively. We wish to thank Team Fatbird, its trainers and crew for journeying with us through this 8-week program.

Kim & Chew

Lose To Win Participants

I was tested being pre-obese at 63.4kg before I came for Team FatBird’s weight management program. I learnt that regular exercising and proper eating habits were key to my success in shedding 4kg.  I dedicate my success to Team Fatbird and all its instructors that gave me motivation and positive mindset.

Tan Mei Li (Ms)

Lose To Win Participant

Thank you Team Fatbird and your trainers for all the motivation and guidance throughout this period! And of course everyone of you who has work so hard to lose weight! Keep our healthy lifestyle ya!

Lily Lim

Lose To Win Participants

Prior to this LTW program, I was already working out 5 times a week but without much improvement in my weight. After signing up the LTW program, I was delighted by my 4kg loss in just 8 weeks. I thank the trainers, nutritionists and especially Team Fatbird for their dedication and hard work in helping to get me motivated with those highly energetic exercises and proper eating habits that have helped me.

Margaret Teo (Ms)

Lose To Win Participant

This Lose To WIn Program has helped me lose 6kgs in the past 12 weeks. I am very motivated by the trainer’s dedication towards their participants and I wish to participate in their future programs. Thanks Team Fatbird and all its trainers for my big improvement.

Tan Boon Kak

Lose To Win Participants

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